Scrolls of Darmoth goes on video – Episode 7: King Dude Concert Review – Paris, 07.04.2015 AB

Hello friends,

It’s been a little while since I did not write anything longer and juicy on my blog so I figured to take this chance and write a review for the concert King Dude held last Tuesday in Paris.

Since my wife and I are huge King Dude fans, when we heard that he’s going to play Paris this spring, we could not have been happier. We bought the tickets some time ago and we begun counting the days. We linked this concert to a short vacation in the city of lights (and darkness) and on the 6th of April our feet touched the French ground.

The concert was to take place on a small boat docked on the Seine called Le Petit Bain and we were very excited to arrive early to the venue in order to prepare for this magic event.
We got there 2 hours earlier just to get better into the mood by devouring some pints and other spirits, hoping down inside maybe we’ll catch TJ and have a small talk with him before the show. Apparently someone read our thoughts and, just as we arrived, we saw King Dude on the terrace having a discussion with some friends. Long story short, I managed to talk to him and asked if he can sign my Deal With the Devil copy and he was more than glad to do it. I must say he’s just as I thought he would be: cool, down to earth and very polite. A true gentleman.

The deed was done so I asked him if before the concert we can take a picture with him and he agreed.

After a few more drinks, we headed to the main entrance as the hour approached.Once inside the ship, I quickly checked the merch stand and bought ourselves the goodies I was hoping for and then, to our surprise, King Dude was there again so we could take the promised picture.

The show was about to begin so we went to one side and watched as for almost 45 minutes, a French guy going by the name of Lussuria literally tortured my nerves and ears with his noise/drone/ambiental stuff. It was too much for me and I really prayed for the show to end quicker.
It finally did and we prepared for the second act, still French, but a duo this time (Abschaum), playing some sort of a post rock/metal stuff, which was not bad at all. The audience seemed to know and like them so they supported their efforts with cheers and big hands.


Their set list was shortened due to the first guy who played longer than expected and the crew began to prepare the stage for was to become one of the best non metal concerts I’ve ever been to.

11 eleven candles lit the stage, a small piano was brought in and the the King Dude banner stood tall and ready. Lights went out and TJ appeared, dressed in black and hungry to play.


I was struck by how good the sound was, even better than on disc. Every chord was audible and his voice was absolutely fantastic. (I still have the goosebumps when I remember these moments).

The Paris concert was a part of the “In Flesh and Blood Tour“, his first solo tour in 4 years and that automatically meant he’ll play only songs that would fit the semi acoustic registry. A new album will be released in June,”Songs of Flesh & Blood – In The Key of Light“, so we had the occasion to listen before hand to some songs that will be on that record, songs that are in the pure King Dude tradition – A Little Bit of Baby Gonna Make Me Wanna Live Again, Silver Crucifix, which is an amazing track, I Don’t Wanna Dream Anymore and You Know My Lord.
Of course that some classic songs were inserted here and there to make this night really a special one. Witch’s Hammer, River of Gold and Born in Blood were played, together with Barbara Anne, Jesus in the Courtyard, Lord I’m Coming Home and Lucifer’s the Light of the World.

TJ performed as any great artist should do it, from the heart, for the audience, living the moment as it was his first show of the tour. In between songs, his interaction with the crowd was genuine and sincere, making everybody happy to witness such a great concert.
As for the encore, before leaving the stage, he played one of my favorite songs, Vision in Black, a song that I never hoped to see live on stage.

This concert will remain in our hearts for ever and we’ll always remember the emotions we shared before, during and after the show.

Thank you King Dude for the music and for the memories.

A video review can be found here (in Romanian):

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