Castle Live in Bucharest, 10.05.2015 AB

What was once a distant dream, it materialized last night when the American band Castle visited our country to spread their occult musical vibes upon us.

While on tour throughout Europe to promote their new 7″ EP called Deadhand Hexagram, Castle found a way to stop on a beautiful Sunday in Fabrica Club for what was to become a night to remember (at least for me).

As an opening act for the american trio, the organizer, Romanian Thrash Metal Club, chose one of the few Romanian heavy metal acts still alive, R.U.S.T from Bucharest. The concert was supposed to begin at 9 pm but since at the time there were very few people in front of the stage and in the club, the organizer decided to wait a bit more, in hope of a larger audience.

And so, with a slight delay, the guys from R.U.S.T began their rather short but intense performance. I did not listen to their music before so I had no expectations but I can honestly say that, as a heavy metal fan, what I heard was quite enjoyable, even though the band did not invent the (metal) wheel. Straight heavy metal, in the vein of the old tradition, with major Manowar infulences, the 4 guys delivered a quite pleasant set list in front of a now growing audience.

Most of the songs came from their 1st album to date, “Legends“, released in 2011 and caught the attention of some of the metal heads that banged their heads in front of the stage.

I really admire the initiative of RTMC to promote this side of metal at their concerts, offering a heavy metal alternative to all the thrash metal bands that usually open for foreign bands. Thumbs Up.

After the small change over, it was time for the most important part of the evening, Castle‘s performance. Being a huge fan of the group, I eagerly awaited for this show to take place so when Liz screamed “Are you ready”, I jumped right in front of the stage and started headbanging.

This band playing live is something completely spectacular: 3 people who feel the music and each other with such a passion that you have the impression of a being in front of a sextet, not a trio. Liz is impressive, handling the vocals and the bass guitar in a totaly personal way, almost becoming one with the 5 stringed instrument. Mat, on his side, is, and i’m not exaggerating, one of the most prolific guitar players I’ve ever seen in my life. Watching him play live, was like he had 2 guitars at the same, instead of one, thus reproducing the perfect sound recorded on disc.


Everything is so easy for them, from the singing to the guitar solos, from the chemistry between them to the way they headbang during the show so you really watch and listen in awe. I got so many feelings listening to songs like Corpse Candles, Blacklands, Alcatraz, Evil Ways or the already classic Storm below the Mountain that I really wished this show would last for ever.

But as all good things eventually come to an end, Castle walked off the stage, not before promising the small but enthusiastic audience that they will definitely come back soon. I really hope so because watching this band live is indeed an intense experience.


Another dream came true when I met Liz and Mat, 2 of the most laid back, friendly, down to earth and humble musicians I have ever met. We spoke about music, about passion, about how it’s like to be in band and these memories will remain with me forever. I think this is the true spirit of rock’n roll and I am so happy when I meet such cool people as them.

Thank you Castle for an impressive perfomnce and Romanian Thrash Metal Club for a brilliant initiative.

“There’s always doom for the wicked!”

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