King Dude and Foie Gras Live in Mixtape 5, Sofia – 30.05 AB

Almost 2 months ago, we saw King Dude in Paris and had so much fun enjoying his show. Then, when we heard his last leg of the In Flesh & Blood Tour will be in Sofia, Bulgaria, we decided on the spot that we’ll be there no matter what.

And so it was. On the 30th of May, we arrived in Sofia ready for what was to be a very intimate but powerful show.

We arrived at the Mixtape 5 club in time, just to find out that the show will be delayed a a bit, due to some unexpected events that occured on the road from

Greece. Eastern Europe, you rule 🙂

Nevermind that, we were there, King Dude finally arrived and the 1 hour lateness didn’t even count.

The 1st surprise when entering the small but very good looking venue was that it was a non smoking club, and that could only mean AIR!!!. We were kinda amazed
that the Bulagarians can do this while in Bucharest you have to shed your skin after one night out in a rock (and not only) club.

But let’s skip the technical details and proceed with what happened on the small stage:

The first band to open the night was Leaver, a duo, which is a mixture of noise, post rock, metal etc.
Definitely not my cup of tea, but the short set did not bother me at all. I admired the dedication of those 2 guys, even though they made some mistakes during
their set.There’s place for improvement and maybe we’ll hear of this band again in the future.

Next on the list, after a much deserved cigarette break, was Foie Gras, the Greek/American artist who accompanied King Dude on his last dates
of the tour in Greece and Bulgaria. When reading several King Dude interviews, I came across Foie Gras, as she was mentioned
as one of the artists that TJ is very fond of.
Our Curiosity grew bigger when we looked her up on You Tube and discovered some pretty weird videos, with a strange music but we were anxious to see her play
live nonetheless.

The 2nd surpise came up when we actullay saw Foie Gras walking on stage, a tiny woman carrying a big guitar and playing something that at first resembled
Chelsea Wolfe a bit,then developped into something even weirder and in the end, with the song about the Dominatrix, I realised how much I enjoyed her short
Definitely glad to have seen her live and I admire her honesty and her not pretentious way of talking about things. And the fact that you can download her
albums for free, with her permission, is quite funny.

The moment passed, the little club was even more crowded than before (not a full house at all , but a decent audience) and the stage props were put in place
for King Dude.(11 white candles and the now famous banner).
The man in black appeared at some point and began the show with Deal with the Devil, a powerful sad song that will be featured on his next
album,”Songs of Flesh & Blood – In The Key of Light” due to be released 2 weeks from now.

Actualy the whole set consisted mostly of new songs, (Desolate Hour, A Little Bit of Baby, Silver Crucifix,
You Know My Lord and Rosemary, a song he played together with Foie Gras on the chorus), mixed
with good old classics like Witch’s Hammer, River of Gold, Born In Blood, Jesus In the
, Barbara Anne,LTLOTW, Vision In Black or the final song he ended the set with,
Watching Over You, a song that I really wanted to hear live and I liked it very much.

During the whole set, TJ was relaxed, sipped his Jim Beam, talked a lot to the audience and even asked at some point if he can have a cigarette break. I admire
a lot this friendly approach, this dialogue between the artist and his audience, it makes everything so sincere and true.

What can I say more? Seeing the Dude twice this year was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever lived (together with The Devil’s Blood show in Bucharest) and I cannot wait for the new album to be released.

It will become a masterpiece, I am pretty sure of it.


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