Sincarnate Live in Fabrica 26.05.2016 AB

Te pretext for last night’s concert in Fabrica was the official release of Din Umbra‘s second album, “Soul of a Galaxy“. The special guest for this event were Eternal Fire and the (now) veterans Sincarnate, who have not played in Bucharest for quite some time.

I didn’t know what Eternal Fire sounded like, I didn’t even hear about them, so I was curious to see what the local scene had to offer in terms of new comers.

Well, the future is not that bright, if you ask me. I know I am a bit pretentious, but I have a big problem with bands singing about vikings, forests, winter, wolves etc in 2016. I think it is rather strange to play pagan black metal in Romania and sing about vikings. I mean, come on, let’s get over this shit, please. Move on, grow up. There are serious topics to sing about, leave the vikings rest in peace in their native north.

Eternal Fire plays pagan/symphonic black metal (what else??) in the old fashioned way, with female keyboards, leather aprons and chains. Ain’t that cute? They played their debut EP “Beyond Frozen Streams” in full, (4 songs) and a cover of Tormentor‘s “Elisabeth Bathory“. To be honest, I did not understand the meaning of that cover, it sounded terrible to my ears, but apparently not to those who were banging their heads and fists in the air. Thank Oden the show finished before my ears started to bleed.

After the opening act and a quick change over, Sincarnate were ready to unleash their depressive music upon the audience. I must say that I came especially for them since I haven’t seen them live for a very long time and, knowing they had a new drummer, I was curious to see the guys at work with the new line up.

In a discussion I had with them before the show, they revealed the set list will contain only 3 old songs, the rest being tracks that will be featured on the next album that will see the light of day later this year, around fall.

And so the show began. From the first track, “Nurturing the Gods of Doubt“, I realized how much the band had evolved in these last years. Solid sound, fantastic guitar play and amazing rhythm section, where Andrei’s bass guitar complements so well the furious drums.

The new addition to their ranks, Andrei Jumuga (ex Syn Ze Sase Tri), fits in perfectly and adds the missing link to their style. I think he wasted his talents in his previous band and with Sincarnate he can definitely unleash his fury, in raging blast beats, upon the listener and the audience.

The drummer was always a “curse” for Sincarnate and their biggest issue was keeping the guys behind the kits. In the beginning there was Gigi, then Flo from Malpraxis took his place, he was also replaced with Herod, and now, finally, Andrei joined the ranks. And I am very happy he did so, the band sounds better than never.

Marius’s vocals have gained maturity and confidence, his tormented growls and screams tying together perfectly the loose ends. I am really curious how the new album will sound like with this (hopefully stable) line up.

Despite some minor technical problems with the drum kit, the band delivered a solid set, based mostly on new songs that revealed the direction the band will take in the future. The doom parts look to be slowly but surely left behind and the fast, aggressive parts that highlight Andrei’s drumming skills seem to take over, thus turning the band into some angry black/death metal behemoth.

I enjoyed very much the little oriental tunes inserted here and there and I wish the band would abuse more of that influence, it suits them extremely well. Maybe some incense or perfumed sticks lighted on stage will add more mistery to their music.

For personal reasons I did not stay to watch Din Umbra‘s show, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of other occasions in the near future.

Sincarnate playlist:

1.Nurturing the Gods of Doubt
2.Sophia Pistis (She-Of-The-Left-Hand)
3.Nothing Left to Give
4.Curriculum Mortis
5.De Luctum Perpetuum
6.Under the Sign of Saturn
7.Dies Illa
8.In Nomine Homini (encore)

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