Head of the Demon – Sathanas Trismegistos review


I am alone in the room. It is dark. And hot, extremely hot. From the speakers comes a wailing music and its sinister melodies pour out one by one like the slithering of a giant snake. The felling is really scary, and the music is crushing.

This is not the horror you experienced when you were young and alone in the dark after watching a stupid gory movie, but that horror of not knowing what is next to you, moving silently in the room.

The music I am talking about is Head of the Demon‘s second album, “Sathanas Trismegistos“, released by Invictus Productions at the end of April. A collection of six songs, with a duration of more than 48 minutes, “Sathanas Trismegistos” is the follow up to the S/T released 4 years ago. And what a follow up indeed!

A natural improvement, this album sees 2 new additions to the Head Of The Demon camp, Jose on bass and Johannes (Mortuus, Ofermod) on guitars and vocals. The result is one of the scariest albums ever released, with a fantastic atmosphere of blackened doom and despair.

Right from the start I need to make clear this is not an album for an untrained ear. This is not music to enjoy yourself, this is dark, ritualistic music made to please the dark entities that lie in wait around us and come to life each time a track is played. This is music for walking into deep dark dungeons, with torches in hands and hooded in black robes.

There is no single guitar solo, no vocal line out of place, no single misused riff on this album. The drums are almost formless, flat, but in fact they sustain and complement the other instruments perfectly, adding a gentle touch of oppressed doom to each of the cursed tracks.

The album opens with “Nox, Est, Lux“,a very powerful debut track which marks really clear the direction the band has taken on this album. Johannes‘s voice is very discrete and slightly different than the one used in Ofermod and Mortuus. It fits perfectly into the morbid scenery and adds, all throughout the album, an extremely creepy feeling of a possessed person reciting verses from old grimoires.

Sathanas Trismegistos“, the 3rd track of the album is one hell of a song, filled with an eerie atmosphere of hypnotic horror. The lyrics are very well written and JK spews them forth with sometimes a harsh, sometimes an outspoken voice, creating a horrid duality accompanied by the rest of instruments. “Master of the Arts, Angel in Disguise“.

I like very much all the 6 tracks on this album, but “Maleficium” is one of the most evil songs I have been listening to lately. It sounds like someone is trying to punish his enemies, putting an evil spell on them, helped by his summoned minions. While the guitars are gently weeping in the background, that voice comes back again and spits out the curse with all its power.

There is not one weak point on this album, all the tracks are very well structured and the instruments fill in so well together. Konstantin, the brain of this band, did well to wait 4 years before releasing this monstrous piece of art.

Not heavy, not black, not death, “Sathanas Trismegistos” is in the first place a mixture of feelings transposed into music. The result is terrifying and this hypnotic music is the perfect soundtrack to meditation, releasing vibes of occult madness that surround the listener into a veil of darkness.

Track list:

1. Nox, Est, Lux
2. Armilus Rides…Again!
3. Sathanas Trismegistos
4. Zurvan’s Ordeal
5. Maleficium
6. L.L.L

Head of the Demon:

Johannes Kvarbrink – vocals, guitars
Konstantin – guitars
Jose – bass
Thomas – drums




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