Interview with Morbid Carnage – July 2016 AB

Thrash metal erupted in the States in the early 80’s and later it swept across the world in a fucking frenzy. Many bands appeared during that time, especially in San Francisco’s Bay Area, but then, in the mid 80’s this new music genre crossed the ocean and infected the European soil.
It found a home in northern Europe, and bands started to pop up like mushrooms, taking the style one step further than its American relatives. Bands like Bathory, Hellhammer (later Celtic Frost), Tormentor (later Kreator), Sodom, Iron Angel, Destruction, Deathrow to name just a few, came out from nowhere and shaped a genre that is still revered and copied by so many groups even today (with good or less good results).
Hungary’s Morbid Carnage is one of these bands that is strongly influenced by the Teutonic thrash metal but which managed to avoid becoming another copycat band. Its roots are in the past, but their music is fresh and catchy.
ScrollsofDarmoth had the pleasure to interview Necrofaust (bass guitar) and below you can find more details about this awesome band and what drives them in life.

(Ed note: The interview was done beginning of June. In the meantime Hungary managed to win its group but it was defeated by Belgium in the round of 16).


morbid carnage logo

1. Who are you? The Night Assassins of the Werewolf Legion? Please tell me more about Morbid Carnage and its members. Why that name?

Necrofaust: Hi! First of all, thanx for your interest and for the request! Mörbid Carnage found by four metal maniacs in 2007, in Szeged. My bandmates originate from Szeged and I’m from Budapest. They made some cool thrash metal riffs during a practice and they ask me would I like to join them. Almost 10 years have passed since then…

2. Thrash metal – love it or hate it. What made you fall in love with this type of music, especially in 2007? Is it nostalgia or you just passion for something that swept the world in the 80’s like the great black plague?

Necrofaust: Yes, you very well formulated, that was our passion with a little nostalgic feeling. We wouldn’t find new things, just playing the kind of music that we grew up. All bandmates likes thrash metal, and then it was no longer quite such bands in Hungary. So we just turned up the volume, we tried a lot, we wrote riffs of which were later songs, and we recorded a demo and debut album. We want to feel the mood of ’80’s and drink some bottles of beer, haha!

3. What I like most about your band is that you choose not to mix styles, like so many modern bands did, even if some of the members in Morbid Carnage play in various black metal bands too (Faghyamu, Ahriman, Tyrant Goatgaldrakona). Instead you play a straight in your face German inspired thrash metal,, like it was done back in the old days. How did you come up with that choice and sound?

Necrofaust: We don’t like mixing various styles, if we write some black/death metal riffs we don’t like to put in a Mörbid Carnage song. It’s Thrash Metal, there is no need black or death metal riffs to our music. That is why we play different style bands is to avoid having to mix different styles. We like to all kind of metal, like Death, Black, Heavy, Thrash, Stoner, etc. If we want to write Heavy Metal riffs, we just founding a Heavy Metal band, you know. You must check out these bands of us: Coffinborn, Gravecrusher and Necrosodomy.
The sound of Mörbid Carnage is really raw and energetic. I think on Night Assassin and on The Merciless Conquest the sound was too modern, but I really like these materials, these contains really great songs with many amazing riffs.
If you’ll check the new for soung Ep, you will feel some changes about our sound, even more back to the 80’s roughly to Show No Mercy style. You can check it on our Bandcamp site…

4. What is the secret ingredient to “cook” a Morbid Carnage song? Do you have a special recipe when writing your music?

Necrofaust: We haven’t got any special recipe, we’re writing some riffs and we try to make a new song during the practice in the rehearsal room. Not long ago, we started to practice the new songs for our third album, we want to record a brand new album in this year. It does not work the band complicated, as you can see. If everyone does his job, then there is no problem.

5. I know that the Morbid Carnage members live in different places, like Budapest, Szeged or Munich. How hard is for the band to rehearse, record music and play the selected shows?

Necrofaust: Yes you know it well, now we do that every month we gather a complete weekend in Szeged, a fixed point in time, and we write the songs of the new album. Monthly is a trial, but it takes at least a day. A long time to write such a material, but we can do anything else, too much distance between us.

6. Speaking of live shows, I had the chance to see you guys in Private Hell couple of years ago, when you came for the first time in Bucharest. I missed you last year at Old Grave Fest and I regret it. I was really struck by the aggressiveness that emanated from you, the atmosphere was very electric. What do you do to be in that shape?

Necrofaust: Thanx for the positive feedback! I, for my part I never liked the studio’s work has always liked more live gigs. There is nothing unusual, do the same thing as our predecessors in the ’80s, see the old Kreator, Sodom, Slayer or any other old band’s videos. A thrash metal band does not look like much of today’s teen band and do not behave like those guys. So we just overcoat jackets, rivets and do what we need to fucking loud! I really hope that we can return to Bucharest as soon as possible!

Morbid Carnage 1

7. I know that you are a very open minded person when it comes to liking other non-metal genres. I mean, in the past, die hard fans were very reluctant to like other stuff that had nothing to do with metal. How was this change possible, and what made people like us to expand their musical horizons?

Necrofaust: “Open minded’, haha, I’m not sure that everyone thinks this way, but honestly, I do not care. Yes, between metalheads is pretty big fashion the tunnel vision, but I’ve never been like that. I grew up with my father’s rock’n roll collection, Elvis, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc, so I always liked the orchestrated music. And I really like the ‘80s pop music, when the pop was not a gayfag style. I never cared what anybody thinks about it. Not because I’m not listening to a band or style because someone not like it. Who the fuckin’ cares what others think about it? As long as I play in a metal band, and on the stage subdues everything we do it out loud and raw, makes heavy music, while no one can tell nothing. I listen various metal styles, from stoner rock to black metal and grindcore, but I have many faves from the other areas of the music.
I like to up to date my musical horizon day to day, the internet and the musical blogs helps a lot to me. You should listen to everything that interests you and a lot of interesting things can be found. I’m editing a printed fanzine, called Metal Catacombs, there is a wide horizon I move between the different styles.I like to send request to unknown, small and valuable bands who have not yet been any Hungarian newspaper interview earlier.

8. In the last few years, everything has exploded, from vinyls/tapes, to genres – more and more bands try to mimic the old school sounds or try to be more and more satanic, occult and evil. All of a sudden every band, no matter how big it is, has rituals or ceremonies, instead of concerts. Up to some point this was ok, but now it has become very irritating. How do see these things from a musician’s/music lover’s perspective?

Necrofaust: Honestly, I only care about the music. There are some bands who are important to the appearance and the show like Ghost and a few more but if I listen to music, I do not care to watch out for that band. For example, there is the Purson, their appearance is bullshit for me, but the music is first class. So, I’m a huge Occult Rock fan, I really like this genre since few years but I’ve noticed that this scene is become thinner, similar to the Thrash scene a few years ago. More and more weak productions released, but this is always the case, you need to sort them valuable materials.
As musicians, we do not make any rituals, just simply stand up on the stage, with metal outfits and play the songs with very aggressive attitude. But my bandmates during Arhriman gigs can conjure up quite spectacular.

Morbid Carnage 2

9. How is Morbid Carnage seen in Hungary? Has the band a favorable approach in the musical press (Metal Hammer etc) or it’s more known abroad, as it’s the case with many bands in other countries?

Necrofaust: You see the situation well, if we receive a request of press, we just get positive criticism and feedback in Hungary, but the feedback from foreign press even better. I don’t give many interviews for Hungarian ‘zines, maybe 1-2 in a year, also we get requests from major press like Metal Hammer and Rockinform, and also we get from little ‘zines and webzines too. We can better known in other countries because we makes concerts in neighboring countries like Romania, Slovakia, etc. and we don’t made any gig in Hungary since few years, it is an interesting situation, right? There are several reasons of this, some problem with Hungarian concert organizers and their conditions, some problems with the clubs and the staff attitude, etc. Of course there are great guys, great organizers, with whom we can always work together, but unfortunately few of them. I know that the Hungarian fans are incredibly hungry for a killer Morbid Carnage concert, because had not played at home since three years. A lot of friends ask me time to time when we plan to make a party in Hungary, but I cannot say nothing specific for now. When we receive a correct offer, we make it immediately! For example, a month later organized RockMaraton festival in Hungary with bands like Toxic Holocaust, Sodom, Megadeth, etc. but none of the organizers came to her mind, even though Hungary is not currently abundant Thrash Metal bands. Another example: the mighty SDI will come to make two gigs to Budapest and Debrecen in this month and we cannot get any request for support them, despite the fact that we had gigs with them several times previously abroad. How it works this country. While this is the way it works, we can always go to Bucharest to make a great thrash gig for you with correct conditions. Greetings for all members of Romanian Thrash Metal Club and to all of our friends there!

10. Your first album, “Night Assassins” was released in 2010 by Pulverized Records, home of many old school death metal bands. The second one, “Merciless Conquest”, was released independently two years later, as a digipak. When and where will your third album be released? Did you manage to find a record label or you’ll again take care of everything, as before?

Necrofaust: We’re recorded a four song EP called “The Golden Sin” and it would be released on this summer in cassette format, yeah, just the old-school, including four brand new songs, it is a concept EP about the Hungarian witch hunts in 17-18th century. So, it will be the next release of Mörbid Carnage. We don’t want to find a label to release it because we arranged the whole process and production. And finally about the new album…on last month we started to write and practice the new songs for the 3rd Mörbid Carnage full-length album. It will be a long process ‘cause the geographical distances but we’ll gather to make a great alcoholic/practice weekend in every month to learn the new songs. We want to record the 3rd album till the end of this year, these short-term plans for this year. More infos soon!

11. Several days ago, you made an announcement that you have begun the recordings for the new material, with a new line-up. What has changed in the werewolf camp since the last recording?

Necrofaust: Yes, Disguster moved to England and we find a new guitarist soon from Ahriman. He is Warlock, the old friend of us since many years and he is an absolute guitar talent and a really old-school metal fanatic. We made some gigs together on the end of last year in Slovakia and Bucharest, that was the first shows with the new line-up. We’ll record the new album with this brand new line-up but I hope Disguster will play some crazy solos on the 3rd album.

12. On all your albums Blasphemy plays the drums and handles the vocal duties, but live you have a session drummer. Blasphemy did an incredible job, both the drumming and the barking fit perfectly with your thrash metal mayhem. Do you plan on getting a full time studio drummer as well, or you’ll stick to this successful formula as long as it lasts?

Necrofaust: Thanx for the positive feedback! We don’t want to find a studio drummer because we got used to Blasphemy’s drumming on the studio recordings. We have an old, trustful friend who help to us on the gigs behind the drums. This is our gig line-up, but Mörbid Carnage has just four members, Blasphemy, Churchburner, Warlock and me.

13. I know you are a big football fan, especially of calcio and AC Milan. I wanted to ask a Hungarian this, but I always forgot: How come Man Utd and AC Milan have such a huge fan base in Hungary? Why are those two teams loved so much over there?

Necrofaust: Haha! I don’t know, I like both clubs but my all-time fave is AC Milan since I was a child. My father was a huge AC Milan (and Man. United of course) fan, I remember the first matches of AC Milan, which I have seen, even in the early ’90s with many legends like Van Basten, Ancelotti, Baresi, Maldini, etc. I I heard the word, football club, AC Milan immediately comes to my mind. I also like Premier League and I also like Man.Untd, this is a great club with a perfect big, glorious history. An interesting example that I absolutely don’t care about the Hungarian soccer.

14. Another football related question: Hungary is in a group with Portugal, Austria and Iceland. What do you think the results will be? Do you think Hungary has a chance to go to the next level? It looks like it’s in one of the easiest groups at this Euro Cup.

Necrofaust: I am late with my answers ‘cause the Euro Cup, so I’m sorry. We’ll play with Portugal tomorrow and we have a chance to go to the next level tonight if Germany beats Northern-Ireland. But I hope that Hungary will beat Portugal tomorrow and Hungary will go to the next level as a first team. I think now then we return to the national cup, Hungary is one of the most surprise of the Euro 2016. Yes, the group was not hard but we didn’t get out to an international cup since 30 years. It was a very long and hard period for the Hungarian soccer. I am very proud of the team’s performance so far, I hope we can go to the Top 8! Hajrá Magyarország!

Morbid Carnage 3

15. Back to music now. Normally, thrash metal ( and metal in general) is associated with booze. Lots of it, especially beer. What do you guys like to drink while recording/playing live? It’s well known that Hungary has quite a large selection of alcoholic beverages, from frocs to Unicum. Do you like Unicum? ( I love it, best liquor ever, haha).

Necrofaust: Yes, we like a lot of type of booze, of course, particularly Pálinka, Unicum, fröccs and beer as you mentioned it. We don’t drink alcohol while we work in the studio, but I like to drink 1-2 beers after I finish my recording session, I cannot play accurately in studio if I drunk. On the stage (or before the gigs) we like to drink some bottles of beers and some shots, Unicum, Pálinka or Jägermaister, from these we can relax even more. And if you know well, after the gigs we make great booze parties every time, haha!

16. Last question, Jani. Please tell me what are your all time 5 thrash metal albums and which was the first band you started up with?

Necrofaust: The usual hardest question to the end …my top list varies from year to year, but here is the actual:
1.Megadeth – Rust in Peace
2.Slayer – South of Heaven
3.Sodom – Agent Orange
4. Kreator – Pleasure to Kill
5. Anthrax – Among The Living

I started to getting know the hardest kinds of metal with Megadeth, Metallica, Hobbs Angel of Death, Sodom, Kreator and some similar legendary bands. My first original cassette was Megadeth “Rust in Peace”.

Thank you very much Jani/Morbid Carnage for wanting to be a part of ScrollsofDarmoth, it was a pleasure to have you here. Hopefully we’ll meet again when you’ll come back to Bucharest. Until then, you have the last words.

Necrofaust: That’s my/our pleasure Bro! Thanx for your interest and for the interesting questions! Hope to see you soon during the next tour! Best regards to your readers and to the Romanian Fanatics!

Photos are the property of Morbid Carnage.

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