Reveal – Cadmium 7″ EP review 2016 AB

Cadmium: Cadmium is a lustrous, silver-white, ductile, very malleable metal. Its surface has a bluish tinge and the metal is soft enough to be cut with a knife, but it tarnishes in air. It is soluble in acids but not in alcalis. It is similar in many respects to zinc but it forms more complex compounds.

In 2011, Reveal came out of nowhere (well, they came from Uppsala, in fact) and unleashed a stunning debut album, “Nocturne Of Eyes and Teeth“, released on vinyl by High Roller Records (and one year later by Ireland’s Invictus Productions on cd).

29 minutes of twisted black metal, with strange effects and serious touches of thrash metal (I love the Show no Mercy riffs on “Blue Demon“), this album was a very promising debut, which would make Reveal the new sensation in extreme metal. To support this release, the band played some shows at various European festivals (Hell’s Pleasure, for ex) and then disappeared from the face of the earth, as mysteriously as they have emerged.

Until this year, when they announced a new single, the 2 song “Cadmium“, released on wax by the Swedish entity End All Parties (EAP 001), limited to 300 units.

The release of this EP was preceded by the posting on the internet of a new band photo, which showed a new addition to their ranks, Gottfrid Ahman (ex In Solitude). Ain’t that interesting?


The official release was scheduled for the 1st of June and I was dead curious to see how the band will sound 5 years later after their extremely promising debut. Having preordered the 7EP” directly from End All Parties, all I had to do was to wait for the package to arrive.

And the lucky day came almost one month later (yesterday), when the little parcel from Sweden was delivered to my door. I unwrapped my copy nr 8/300 and played the single, almost with trembling hands. When the stylus hit the wax, I was dumbstruck.


On Cadmium, the title track, the band has taken their music a step further, in heavier way. With its slow, heavy tempo, Cadmium is very creepy, due to the drums parts and guitar riffs that shred viciously. The voice is cavernous, raucous and fits perfectly in the picture. The main riff is haunting and it just flows through all the song, bewitching. If this the new way the band has chosen, I am more than happy, since it has still kept that “primitive” part of Reveal‘s music that I loved so much on “Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth“.

Side B contains a cover of the Australian band The Saints, called “No Your Product“. Written originally in 1978 as Know Your Product, the song covered by Reveal is catchy as hell and shows the band jamming a punk rock song in their own, twisted, dark way. Pretty much different than the original (first of all the horns were left out), the result is really impressive and I must admit this song was an excellent choice for a 7″ EP.

All in all, as Reveal put it earlier this year, (New Music, New Line up, New Concerts, Same Name), this EP represents a new start for a band that will have a lot more to say in this fucked up industry.

Support Reveal (next shows will be in Germany on July the 21st and 22nd) and keep your eyes and heart open for their music, this is what the future of good, DIY music will be like. Excellent release by End All Parties and Reveal.


Side A: Cadmium

Side B: No Your Product

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