Venefixion – Defixio demo tape 2015 – Iron Bonehead Productions

Venefixion logo

France has been in the past years a fertile breeding ground for many good extreme metal bands. Sektarism, Malkhebre, Aosoth, Malekhamoves, Demonic Oath, Witchthroat Serpent, to name a few, have spawned from the catacombs and delivered some really good materials which attracted their share of supporters.

One of these hidden gems is Venefixion, a relatively young band whose members do the devil’s job in bands like Demonic Oath, Cadaveric Fumes, Ritual Temple, Necrowretch etc.

Formed by K. Desecrator and F. Goathroat in 2013 with the intention to revive the old gods of death metal, they were later joined by W. Cadaver on guitars and, in October 2015 the band released through the mighty German label Iron Bonehead Productions their debut material, a 4 track mini monster called “Defixio“.

What is “Defixio“, in the first place, you might ask. Well, it’s a death metal curse thrown on all those who listen to the music, which was made with an obvious nostalgia for the good ol’ days, when bands like Morbid Angel, Repulsion, Repugnant, early Pestilence and Grotesque roamed this earth.

The demo contains 4 songs, with a very high pace, all shrouded in an aura of swampy sound.
The first song, “La Secte Rouge“, starts with a small intro which is quickly devoured by a furious assault of riffs, possessed growls and demented drum parts that accompany the listener all throughout the demo.

venefixion - defixio demo

For almost 15 minutes, the attack does not stop a single bit and the pace doesn’t slow down at all. Every musician’s skill emerges perfectly and the retro sound is admirably crafted, keeping its own personality and freshness at the same time.

Another thing I like a lot about this demo is the fine insertion of certain “thrashy” elements, like those riffs on “Morbid Casket” and “Defixio“, which bring a little “melody” into this dark scenery.

Both the production and the music are exceptional, making this demo one of the best demos I have listened to lately. Other highlights are the simple cover and the artwork, which suit the cassette like a spiked glove. This release is no rip off, it’s just pure death metal done with passion and dedication to the art.

I totally recommend this limited tape and keep an eye on this very promising band, as they will release in December their first MPL, “Armorican Deathrites“. And maybe more is soon to come.

Hail Death!!

Defixio Track List:

1. La Secte Rouge

2.Morbid Casket


4.Aghori, Ashes of the Dead

Venefixion line up:

F.Goathroat – Vocals
W.Cadaver – Lead Guitars
K.Desecrator – Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Drums

Band contact:

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