Sincarnate reveals cover and track list for new album “In Nomine Homini”.

Bucharest based death metal band Sincarnate have revealed yesterday the cover, the track list and the release date for their second full length album titled “In Nomine Homini“.

The official statement of the band is:

Sincarnate In Nomine Homini album cover

“The new album will be launched on the 1st of April, within the concert organized by the Official Romanian Thrash Metal Club in Fabrica, where Sincarnate will share the stage with Root, Dead Void and Cardinal.

The cover artwork is signed by the artist Flaviu Moldovan (Flaviu Moldovan Drawing) and the photos used for the album and promotion have been taken at the Shelter Club in Cluj by Marmo (MarmotA Photography).

In Nomine Homini” will be published as a 6-fold digipack, with a 16 pages booklet but also as second limited edition with two bonus tracks, an extended booklet and a different album cover.

The songs on the album are the following:
1. Attende Domine
2. Agrat bat Mahlat
3. Curriculum Mortis
4. She-Of-The-Left-Hand (Sophia Pistis)
5. In Nomine Homini
6. The Grand Inquisitor
7. Lamentatio Christi
8. Dies Illa
9. L̄iwyᾱṯᾱn

Bonus tracks:

10. De Luctum Perpetuum*
11. Atonement*

Further news about the first single taken from Sincarnate – “In Nomine Homini”, the launching concert, available merchandise and distribution will be soon made public.”

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