Dead Void and Sincarnate live in Bucharest – April 2017 AB

Yesterday, April the 1st was the day Sincarnate celebrated the release of their second album, In Nomine Homini (review here). To mark this special occasion, the band was invited to play in the show organized by Romanian Thrash Metal Club, alongside bands like Dead Void, Root and Cardinal. Everybody knows the good work RTMC is doing when it comes to support the underground, so this event was not different at all.

The line up consisted of 2 new bands, Denmark’s Dead Void and Romania’s Cardinal, one old band which recently celebrated 30 years of activity, Root, and another one, Sincarnate, a name which doesn’t need any introductions to the Romanian metalheads. I was really curious about Dead Void since all I knew about the band was that they play some sort of blackened death metal and one its members is/was a part of the already cult band Grave Miasma. Since no info could be found on these guys on the internet, I decided I had to watch their show and decide for myself whether they rock or not.

When I arrived at the venue, I had the big surprise to see the band had for sale a very recent 3 track self released demo tape which contained very little information about the band. Not that it’s a bad thing. The minimalistic lay out of the tape matched perfectly the music they delivered so I completely understand their lack of details. As they told me after the show, they were a bit curious about the reaction of the audience, since no info was previously available (more or less a deliberate tactic) and not many people got to know their music. Well, I must say that after the 30 minutes of their set passed, I was left wanting for more. Even though half an hour might seem too short of a time, their show was fucking intense and powerful.
Dead Void play some sort of putrid death metal with many slow, doomy parts, mixed with psychedelic guitar solos. They played only 4 tracks (the 3 from the demo plus an extra one) but I can’t wait for the full length to be released, hopefully in the very near future.

Dead Void live in Fabrica

Dead Void is a trio but the music is so violent that you might think there are more members in that band. Kai, the guitarist/ vocalist has a very energetic style of shredding his instrument and plays like he’s possessed. The other two guys, David (bass) and Adam (drums) back him up on the vocals so when you have 3 growls at the same time you can actually tell these guys don’t joke when it comes to their music. They said they plan on coming back so maybe next time they will play an extended show and they’ll have an album released until then. Anyway, Dead Void‘s music was the real epiphany for me last night and I am already a big fan of their work.

Next on the bill were Sincarnate, the other reason I came to see the concert last night. I like their new album very, very much and I was really curious to listen to their new songs live, as on the record they are extremely well played and sound very powerful and scary. A great band can reproduce in the same way live the music they have recorded in the studio and since the new songs are quite difficult, I thought it as a test the band had to take. And they took it very well, in my opinion.

The set list consisted of almost the entire album played in full, except two songs, Lamentatio Christi and Dies Illa maybe because the time was limited and two more bands were scheduled after them. But that did not prevent them to deliver on hell of a concert, where only the music mattered. With the stage presence almost non existent, the band compensated with their most violent show I’ve ever seen. Vicious riffs, superb growls, insane drumming and the need to surpass themselves each time – these are the elements that make Sincarnate stand out from the majority of bands we have in our sad underground. When almost everybody is trying to copy each other and what they hear on YouTube, Sincarnate are dead fucking serious and take the things in their own hands.

Sincarnate live in Fabrica

In Nomine Homini is the darkest and the most violent album made by a romanian band since Zarnindu-sa and I am so happy the band managed to evolve so much into what it is today. Again, without undermining the other musicians’ prowess, the addition of Andrei Jumuga to their ranks has taken the band not one step, but several steps further onto the evolution scale. His skills and the easiness with witch he plays those poor drums cannot be equaled by any of the drummers our scene has to offer at this time.
From where i stood last night I could watch him carefully and I was amazed how easy it was for him to destroy those drum kits. At some point, in the middle of a blast beat, he even dropped a stick but he quickly took another one and nobody could tell something happened, he did not lose a beat.

This new formula is the strongest the band had so far and I urge them to take as much advantage as they can and to use it to its fullest (tours, recordings, maybe a live DVD). I also want to mention the perfect quality of the CD which I bought (collector’s edition digipak), it looks really impressive. If you want to support the band, buy their CD ( 2 versions are available), it’s really worth it from all points of view – cover, booklet, band pictures and music.

Unfortunately, due to some personal reasons I could not stay to watch Root and Cardinal, but I’ m pretty sure I’ll see the young Romanian band pretty soon, considering how often they play in Bucharest. Congrats to RTMC for organizing such an interesting event and for booking such a promising band like Dead Void. Really hope they will visit us again soon.

Play list Dead Void:

1. Repulsive Bliss

2.Isolation’s Hold

3.Shadowed Heights of Ascension


Play list Sincarnate:

1. Attende Domine
2. Agrat Bat Mahlat
3. Curriculum Mortis
4. She-of-the-Left-Hand (Sophia Pistis)
5. In Nomine Homini
6. The Grand Inquisitor
7. L̄iwyᾱṯᾱn

To convince yourselves how powerful Sincarnate is live, I have added a video for She-of-the-Left Hand (Sophia Pistis), video which was uploaded on my YouTube channel ScrollsofDarmoth:

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