SVOID – Ars Kha review – October 2017 AB

6 years ago, the Hungarian entity called Svoid appeared from the mists of Null for the first time. Its sharp toothed mouth gnawed slowly on the pillars of knowledge and death, releasing from the hungry void 5 darkened hymns.

Ars Kha was unleashed as an independent release hence its limited availability on the market. Those of you who are reading this and wonder where you can buy the physical copy from, I’m afraid I have to disappoint you by telling you this material has been sold out for quite a long time now. The only possible place to buy this black masterpiece is the band’s official Bandcamp page, where you can purchase the digital copy for less than 3 Euros. Hopefully that someday in the near future this debut record will see again the light of night in another form, because it really deserves a true re-release.


Having left the previous projects he was involved in and very determined to walk on his own path, S sought a way to throw his hate and despise in the face of the ugly humanity in the only way he could: through music. This is how Svoid was born and this is how Ars Kha first formed from a formless shape. Handling all the duties besides the drumming, S composed and recorded the 5 tracks in the JuiceKiller Studio in 2011.

Svoid-Ars-Kha-cover scrollsofdarmoth

The album slowly unfolds its black wings and deceitfully drags the listener into a mid tempo rhythm only to suddenly explode into an eruption of frantic riffs and demented blast beats. All the ingredients of a classic black metal album are thrown into this boiling cauldron while S and his extremely talented nameless drummer stir them with their craft.

The icy guitars, the possessed and desolate shrieks, the insane drumming (those double bass pedals are absolutely amazing) and the discrete but omnipresent bass guitar form the band’s black metal exoskeleton and help creating a very dark and gloomy atmosphere. The lyrics are poems dedicated to Death, making the 5 songs on this EP the perfect soundtrack for the passing into unbeing.

A certain melancholy permeates the 5 compositions and it is highlighted by some brilliant guitar parts, as the short but intense solo of Peter Sallai on “A Void of Breathless Fall” or the farewell-like chords at the end of “The Emptiness They Find“.

Of course that several influences can be heard here and there during those 26 minutes – the strongest which comes to mind is Watain – but trust me when I say that after listening several times in a row to those songs you’ll be amazed how much soul and passion the 2 musicians have put into this release. This is definitely not another clone band, but a very true to itself one. To prove that, just check out their later releases and see how they have evolved and how much they have transgressed from the nothingness which they were born in.

Those of you who have already listened closely to Svoid’s music have maybe sensed the essence which binds all their releases together. This essence is much more than black metal, which has been used only as a leitmotif to hide the true spirit of the band and its members. The songs which are on this MCD or EP or whatever you want to call it are so much alike with some tracks the band has composed on their later materials. The essence is still there, only the form has changed.

Ars Kha strongly burns with a fierce black flame and lights up the dark hallways of the dimensionless void which Svoid and its members represent. This debut MCD is a powerful reminder that good music can only come from the heart, with passion, blood and dedication.

ARS KHA tracklist:

1. Supreme Evil Glory
2. Death Underneath
3. A Void of Breathless Fall
4. Ars Kha
5. The Emptiness They Find

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