Hailing from Norway, Goatkraft delivers a completely different style of metal of death, not choosing to be a part of the so called traditional True Norwegian Black Metal cliché. Rather than walking the already wandered paths, they chose to honor Satan by taking even farther the primitive torch of barbaric and hateful black metal, just like other bands did 20+ years ago.

First of all, let it be made clear that the “Angel Slaughter” EP I’m writing about here is not for anyone: not for those who walk through the forests of melancholy in search of the perfect spot to practice another cheesy occult ritual under the blood red full moon and definitely not for those who want melody and catchy tunes. No, the debut EP from this brand new Norwegian band (they were formed in 2017) is a fucking fist in the face of those “true occultists and black magicians” which have infected the whole scene in the recent years.


Five songs (plus an intro) full of hatred and barbaric wrath are spawned in little under 19 minutes, just enough to let the listener beg for more. “Angel Slaughter” offers in such a short time an orgy of speed and aggression like I haven’t heard in a very long time: 5 songs reeking of Blasphemy, Beherit, Conqueror and Black Witchery which are so good that you really want to spin this EP more and more, till you drop on the floor unconscious.

If on their first promo demo (War Metal Promo) released last year by Iron Bonehead Productions Goatcraft covered Blasphemy (“Demoniac“), this time they end “Angel Slaughter” with Black Witchery‘s “Unholy Vengeance of War“, just to emphasize one more time their dedication and connection to the past.

Without being a huge fan of this particular genre, I have to admit that this EP is really outstanding, from the cover to the content. I like the harshness of the songs and the “monotony” of the music. While all throughout the 5 compositions the tempo and the music do not change a bit, this is not boring at all, but on the contrary, the intensity and the “murkiness” grow stronger and stronger with every second.


I have never heard of this Norwegian band before I received the promo material (in fact I wasn’t even aware that someone can actually play this kind of music in nowadays Norway) but after the first listen I was completely hooked on this little jewel. Extremely well played and produced (just listen closely to that bad ass bass guitar, it’s so fucking heavy), “Angel Slaughter” is the perfect listen which fuels your misanthropy and hatred for mankind.

Some may blame the band for being too repetitive, but what can you expect from some guys that play war metal? The final result on “Angel Slaughter” is the perfect response for those “non believers”: raw, minimalist and fast. There is no rest for the wicked during those 19 minutes, the drums are continuously blasting and the guitars are shredding til the last drop of blood, creating a hellish assault on whatever is holy.

Goatkraft brings nothing new on the market, but with this EP they have managed to create something fresh, violent and honest which definitely stands out from the majority of the “occult” records released recently. Those really wanting something different will definitely identify with this release and for 19 minutes, this blasphemous and primitive music assault will be their companion.


Besides the songs themselves, another thumbs up goes for the cover created by the great artist Mark Riddik (http://riddickart.com/) which suits the music perfectly and reminds me of that early 90’s feeling of morbidity and pure blasphemy. You do not have to be a fan of this kind of music to enjoy this release, but if you’ll allow it, it will simply hook you instantly the moment you press the “play” button.

If you want to buy this misanthropic piece of black art, mark the date March 9th 2018 in your black book and check this website: http://www.ironbonehead.de
I totally urge you to support Goatkraft, with “Angel Slaughter” they have released a really promising and enjoyable EP. As a first teaser, check out the title track taken from the EP here

On behalf of ScrollsofDarmoth I give “Angel Slaughter” 5 goat heads out 5.

Sacrifice for SATAN!!!

Angel Slaughter track list:

1. Intro
2. Angle Slaughter
3. Goatkraft
4. The Temple of Internal Fire
5. Holocaust Winds of Blasphemy
6. Unholy Vengeance of War (Black Witchery cover).

Band info and contact:




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