SVOID – Live at Dark Conspiracy – S8 BLACK – February 17th 2018 AB

Last weekend, when the 11 killed the 10, Svoid performed another show in the series which occurred since their rebirth. Even if the setting and the company were a bit peculiar (the other 2 bands present on the bill came from a totally different musical background), it was still a very good opportunity for them to share their cursed crafts with the more or less unsuspecting audience.

The night was going to be a special one for the band, and that was quite obvious from the determination and the looks the quartet adopted before entering the stage.
Yes, I said a quartet because this time Svoid were joined by T on the bass, who relieved S from his bass guitar duties, allowing him to concentrate on channeling the gods of void by only using his vocals.

Svoid live

I did not catch much of the first band who opened the night, Dark Tears From Space, but what I could tell after listening to a song was that their Nightwish-like approach did not suit my tastes at all, so I decided to hydrate myself with some Hungarian beverages instead.

Soon after the first band has ended their show, Svoid followed with a meticulous soundcheck, which proved that the band was really up to something serious. Wearing some sort of sinister, ghost like paint for make-up, they looked as if they just rose from their shallow graves to haunt the place and its patrons.

Svoid live

Once the sound check was over, the band delivered pretty much the same set list as the last time, when they performed at Durer Kert in December.
The main difference was that compared to that concert, the band showed now a stronger cohesion, which means that they finally managed to find their direction. As mentioned, the presence of T on bass guitar was a beneficial one, so S could concentrate mainly on the vocal parts. Even if the extreme parts have been out of the picture, the songs sounded more heavy and precise, with a different structure than the last time, which is a clear sign that Svoid is indeed walking on the left path.

At some point towards the end of the show, Svoid prepared a special moment in memory of the man behind the now defunct The Devil’s Blood by playing a very interesting cover of The Madness of Serpents, from the beautiful The Thousandfold Epicenter album. For that special moment, S took over the guitar duties together with D, the band invited Alice Null (Alice Null Band) to join them as guest vocalist and together they paid a much deserved homage to the one that has been Selim Lemouchi.

Svoid Alice Null live

The foggy atmosphere and the intensity of the song created a very powerful moment, channeling a strange form of energy which made its presence felt in the room and near the stage for the whole duration of the song.

The show ended with the already classic Forlorn Heart and the band definitely made it clear that they know exactly where to go from here. There are still some aspects to improve, but slowly the dots are connecting and the results are more than visible.

To The Death!

The credits for the photos belong to W’s Photos (

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