Siculicidium – A halál és az iránytű 7″ EP review – Sun and Moon Records – March 2019

Hailing from the mythical land beyond the forest, better known as Transylvania, this mysterious group which is Siculicidium strikes back, 3 years after the release of their outstanding EP Land Beyond the Forest, with another material simply called “A halál és az iránytű” (The Death and the Compass).
This EP will see the light of day beginning of April in two attractive and limited formats (100 black and 200 clear vinyl), under the faithful banner of Sun and Moon Records.

As usual, this band doesn’t give a fuck about trends or fashion and delivers two songs very much opposed from each other, two songs which last around 14 minutes. The overall result is super interesting, with some atypical instruments being used to provide an even more weird touch to the gloomy atmosphere.

Side A contains the track “A halál” (The Death), a song which starts with an acoustic guitar intro before erupting into a groovy black’n roll with excellent riffing and double bass pedals. Towards the middle of the track, the rhythm is switched to a slower pace and an exotic sound appears unexpectedly, in the form of a haunting trumpet. The harsh vocals of Bela Lugosi (who is not dead, by the way) add a certain sensation of “insecurity” to this song in particular and to the whole EP in general, falling in place perfectly.

Siculicidium – A Halál és az Iránytű

Side B contains “Az Iránytű” (The Compass), the longest track of this EP, which lasts a bit over 7 minutes. This song is the exact opposite of “A Halál“, from the tempo to the atmosphere. The trumpet appears again here and there while the drum patterns and the guitar riffs are changed completely. The feeling is darker and colder than on the previous song, while the vocals carve thin wounds in your brain. The use of Hungarian language adds more mystery to the whole aspect, making it even more oppressive and bleak.

It is impossible to label Siculicidium‘s music, but that is not the point of this review. I really admire the fact that even if the roots of their creation reside in black metal, one can find throughout their music multiple well adapted influences which over time have shaped the band into what they are today.

I was pleasantly surprised by this material and I am looking forward to a new full length, but with this atypical band you never know what to expect (in a good sense, of course).

The EP can already be pre-ordered from Sun and Moon Records’s page, so hurry up and reserve yourself a copy of this really interesting material. I can assure you that you’ll not regret it.

“A Halál és az Iránytű” Tracklist:

1. A Halál
2. Az Iránytű

Band contact:

Siculicidium Line Up:

Bela Lugosi – Vocals
Pestifer – Guitars/Bass

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