Antichrist Pantocrator European Tour review – Hellgoat and Kill live in Budapest 22.05.2019 AB

Last Thursday, a very interesting black metal package came to town, under the moniker Antichrist Pantocrator European Tour 2019. The 3 bands on the bill – Hellgoat and Manticore from the US and Kill from Sweden – joined forces and decided to haunt the already haunted central/eastern parts of Europe.

Finally being able to see Kill live was a longtime dream come true, because they are one of my favorite black metal bands and I have always wandered how their abrasive black metal can sound live. Having followed their career for quite some time now, it was out of the question that I could miss their performance in my new hometown.

S8 Club, the venue which hosted the event in Budapest was really suitable for such an underground concert, with cheap drinks, a decent stage and a very good sound, despite the small location. But hey, this is dirty, blasphemous black metal we are talking about, not stadium filler bands, so the place was a perfect choice for such an occasion.

Arriving earlier at the venue, I was able to check the merch stand, buy Kill‘s latest album, Devil Mass, which was released exactly a week ago by Amor Fati Productions and enjoy a good Hungarian cold brew.

The first band to open the night was a local band, but to be honest their music did not attract me at all, despite some cool double bass pedal passages the drummer performed during their set, which in a way reminded me of post Chaos AD Sepultura.

HellGoat Live Budapest S8 Club

After the warm up and the short change, Hellgoat was next on the small stage and started their sonic assault. I came across this band multiple times in the past years and never paid too much attention to their recorded stuff, but I was really impressed by the energy these 3 guys managed to release live.

As I already mentioned it, the sound was very good and the instruments were clearly heard, especially’s Amon Demogorgon‘s bass guitar. Their set was really impressive, fast and powerful, 3 guys playing some straight in your face satanic black metal (“Holy Satan” was awesome) with some death influences here and there, only to spice it up.

Furious headbanging and satanic music filled the room with a contagious energy which transmitted to a somehow lethargic audience at first, but which later on started to wake up and interact with the band between the songs. I was really impressed by this performance and I would like more modern “underground” bands to play like that: that’s definitely the way to be honest to yourself as a musician.

HellGoat Live Budapest S8 Club

Next on the list was the highlight of the evening (at least for me), and that meant KILL, from Sweden.
Having released Devil Mass just less than a week ago, I was hoping to hear some of the new songs played live (along with some old school classic ones, of course), so the eagerness level reached sky high.

The band’s set list was very diverse, it almost looked like a “black metal best of” compilation, with songs selected from almost every album the band releases, from the early demo days (Vomit of Heaven) to the amazing Great Death LP (Wormwood, Totentanz and Great Death). From the freshly released Devil Mass album they played Wilderness Feast, an incredible 7 minute song with a very interesting guitar part.

Kill Live In Budapest S8 Club

Kill delivered one of the most minimalist and powerful black metal shows I have ever witnessed, proving that real underground black metal still exists and is very palpable. The three musicians created a perfect atmosphere using only their music and its aggression, with a dedication that I have a hard time to find in today’s scene.
This is how a black metal show should be/sound like, and both Hellgoat and Kill delivered something that would remain rooted in my memory for a very long time.

I like it when music is so simple and no other gimmicks are added to increase the drama of the message. Sometimes the simpler the means, the powerful the message and that worked perfectly for Hellgoat and Kill. Last Thursday’s experience took me 20 years back in time, when black metal bands were still playing music while still keeping it true to the genre and the meaning.

Kill Live In Budapest S8 Club

Unfortunately due to a conflicting schedule I could not stay to watch Manticore at work, so this time I had to skip their performance but I really hope they will make it in Europe one more time in the near future.

The Antichrist Pantocrator European tour is still going on for one more week, so if the package comes to your town do not hesitate to go and watch these bands at work, you will not regret a single bit.

True underground will never die!!

Kill track list:

1. Wormwood
2. Holocaust Fires
3. Vomit of Heaven
4. Wilderness Feast
5. The Devil
6. Totentanz
7. Anti Cosmic Thuderstorm
8. Black Celebration
9. Great Death
10. Infernal Slaughter

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