Passio Christi Part I and II review – November 2019 AB

Friday the 29th of November is the date when 2 two very interesting split releases will be unleashed via 2 different labels. Passio Christi Part I and Part II will see the light of day via Invictus Productions and Iron Bonehead respectively.

Passio Christi / Beyond the Witch’s Spell contains a split between Belgium’s fierce death metal wolves Possession and US’s anti christian warriors Spite, which released its fantastic debut album Antimosiach in 2018, also on Invictus Productions.

On this record Possession summons forth 3 tracks (1 amazing intro + 2 stand alone ones), while their counterpart Spite is present with the new track Beyond the Witch’s Spell and Cruel Creator, a cover of Colombia’s Manitu.

Possession Passio Christi Part I
Possession Passio Christi Part I

Apart from the grandiose intro which can make any dedicated christian shed a tear, Possession delivers 2 ferocious tracks, INRI and Temptatio, imbued with a pregnant stench of old school death metal chaos. From the slow and crushing moments to the vicious attack of the drums, Possession continues on the same path of wickedness they started 6 years ago with His best Deceit. The Belgian quintet takes no prisoners and in almost 14 minutes presents a wicked black/death assault on the holy, leaving everything scorched behind them.

Beyond the The Witch’s Spell has a very raw and primitive feeling, complementing Possession‘s music very well. On Antimosiach Spite reminded me of the early period of black metal, but on these 2 tracks, while still walking on the same path of rawness and blasphemy, they show a slightly mature side as well. That makes the wait for the new album even more worth it, in my humble opinion.

Spite Beyond the Witch's Spell
Spite Beyond the Witch’s Spell

Part II of this release, Passio Christi / Necrophagous Abandon,  features another split between Satan’s favorite Belgian death metal band and the French cannibals from Venefixion. This time both bands are featured with 3 tracks (1 intro and 2 full songs), making the content even more appealing. Possession continues the unfinished job on Passion Part I and throws with Crux Immisa and Stabat Matter another crunchy portion of blasphemy in the face god.

Venefixion do not wait too much for the invitation and after the beautiful Egregore intro they spit their fuming and catchy death metal through the 2 songs. Necrophagous Abandon is the first full song after the release of their Amorican Death Rites EP in 2016 and I was very curious to see how the band evolved, especially after the line up changes.

The new members have brought something fresh to the table, I really like the direction the band is going. The new song has something from Morbid Angel‘s early wickedness, only adapted to the 21st century. Everything in this new track reeks of old, and the musicians seem to feast from its rotting flesh. The last track of the record is a great cover of Grotesque‘s Ripped From the Cross, a track written in 1996.

Venefixion Necrophagous Abandon
Venefixion Necrophagous Abandon

What a better way to pay homage to one of the most underrated death metal bands than to cover this iconic song! The way they did it is really impressive, as they captured the same feelings that you get when (and if) you listen to the original. Crunchy guitars with feverish riffs and solos, together with a mayhemic drumming and putrid vocals, Venefixion delivers a strong set of metal of death, a tribute to the great era of true underground music.

Overall, these 2 split releases are a really cool compilation of songs and a very inspired choice when it comes to the featured bands. Possession, Spite and Venefixion all have much more in common than meets the eye at first glance and the 11 songs present on these splits are an undeniable proof that good death/black metal will never die.

Hails to Invictus Productions and Iron Bonehead for releasing these 2 gems of true underground devil’s rock’n roll. Listen at maximum volume and bang your head till your neck snaps.

Passio Christi Part I / Beyond the Witch’s Spell Tracklist:

1. Possession – Intro

2. Possession – INRI

3. Possession – Temptatio

4. Spite – Beyond the Witch’s Spell

5. Spite – Cruel Creator

Passio Christi Part II / Necrophagous Abandon:

1. Possession – Intro

2. Possession – Crux Immisa

3. Possession – Stabat Matter

4. Venefixion – Egregore

5. Venefixion – Necrophagous Abandon

6. Venefixion – Ripped From the Cross




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