Mistcavern – Winds of Misery EP – December 2019 AB

End of 2019 is fast approaching, so what better way to celebrate this dying year than by reviewing another brilliant piece of metal of death ? In this short review I am going to talk about a very recent discovery which has rapidly become one of my favorite releases of 2019.

I am pretty sure that the name Mistcavern does not ring a bell to any of you. And I totally get that, as I came upon this name by accident as well. But since that moment, I kept on listening to the their only release so far, “Winds of Misery“, over and over again.

There is absolutely no info available about the band, and that is great. With no social media profiles available, the band keeps the focus on the music itself, which is fucking amazing!! The only known and certain thing is that Mistcavern has crawled out from the bowels of Budapest to release (digitally, via Bandcamp for now) on the 30th of November this 3 track debut EP, “Winds of Misery“. Apparently, a self-released tape will be available as well, which is good news indeed, as this material needs to get a proper release asap.

Mistcavern Winds of Misery
Mistcavern Winds of Misery

Winds of Misery” is a 3 track demo/EP which mainly focuses on atmosphere. I don’t know exactly how Mistcavern managed to capture this morbid and suffocating atmosphere, but the result is breath taking. The black metal this Hungarian band has created has its essence deeply rooted in the second wave of traditional black metal. While the guitar riffs are infused with darkness, the keyboards play a very important role on this EP. Their majestic sounds add a sinister vibe to the music, creating a truly mystical atmosphere that I was not able to find on many modern releases.

Everything is perfect on this debut, from the instruments to the desolate vocals. The tempo is varied as well, alternating from blast beats to slow, atmospheric parts (that acoustic guitar part that cuts “Crystalline Gate of Destruction” in two is simply beautiful), keeping you focused all the time. With a duration of almost 15 minutes, Mistcavern‘s demo is straight to the point, striking you right in the heart.

There’s a dark medieval touch that flows from the headset when you listen to “Winds of Misery“.  The songs have been created in a wicked way which makes them evil, and you can feel this malevolence, together with the actual misery, all throughout the songs.

For me, this demo is the best debut release of 2019, there is not doubt about it. I am absolutely ecstatic when I come across little gems like this one, it still gives me hope that somebody, somewhere in an underground cave, is still writing/recording good, true music, like it used to be 25 years ago. Keep you eyes open on Mistcavern, I am pretty sure this band will have an important saying in the coming future.

“Winds of Misery” Tracklist:

  1. Winds of Misery
  2. Dominion for Eternity
  3. Crystalline Gate of Destruction


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