Ghoul Temple – Catacomb Ritual – Fekete Terror Prod. – January 2020

It seems that the Hungarian extreme metal underground is never resting and, when you least expect it, brilliant releases surface from its depths. If last time I wrote about Mistcavern‘s excellent “Winds of Misery” debut demo, now I will present you another surprising band, Ghoul Temple, which has released its first material on the 24th of December 2019.

Catacomb Ritual is a 4 track EP written and performed in the old vein of the metal of death, or simply put, death/doom metal. The songs are quite old, as they have been recorded 6 years ago, but they were brought to light last year via Fekete Terror Productions, in a tape format limited to 100 copies.

The overall rhythm is not too fast, there are no blast beats or supersonic speed riffs, instead the band delivers a mid tempo, crushing death metal with some some hints to the good old days – worth mentioning are the “easter eggs” which can be heard through some of the songs (Swedish death metal anyone?). The riffs are rather simplistic, with no solo parts, but that is definitely not a turn off. Everything falls perfectly in one piece and in the end you will want even more of this music.

Ghoul Temple-Catacomb Ritual EP
Ghoul Temple-Catacomb Ritual EP

The atmosphere on this EP is suffocating, cold and the whole reeks of rotting corpses in a lonely crypt. The songs are about 5 mins each, so the overall result is neither repetitive nor boring. They go hand in hand with the beautiful cover created by the Hungarian artist Anvil Kvlt, who has perfectly captured in painting the essence of this morbid music.

There is not so much info on the band, so we do not know (nor care) what its background is, but that makes the music even more intriguing and interesting. To make it even better, the songs have a good production, considering the genre the band approaches.

What Ghoul Temple managed with their Catacomb Ritual was to release a very well crafted death metal record with some slow and atmospheric doom touches. I absolutely love this EP and I am very curious to see what the band has planned for the near future. I also hope they will start performing live as well, as it is time to witness a proper Catacomb Ritual.

Ghoul Temple – Catacomb Ritual track list: 


2.Catacomb Ritual


4.Ghoul Wrath

Band contact:



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