Evenfall Winter Tour 2020 – Grift / Wolcensmen – Budapest, March 2nd AB

As the name of this review already mentions it, the Evenfall Winter European Tour stopped in Budapest on March the 2nd. The 2 two bands touring together were Wolcensmen (UK) and Grift (Sweden), both artists presenting a solo acoustic performance. No opening acts, only 2 guys and their guitars.

I have to admit that I haven’t listened to Wolcensmen‘s music before this show, so I did not know what to expect. The only thing I knew about the band was that it featured Dan Capp from the black metal band Winterfylleth.

Grift Live
Grift Live

The show started around 8 PM and from the very first tunes I was blown away by Dan‘s powerful voice. For almost an hour, this guy, with his guitar and his beautiful voice, made me dream with my eyes wide open about misty fields and pagan rituals. This is probably not the type of music I would listen to at home, but live it flowed through me and opened up all my senses. It is a very visual music, but so very simple at the same time. Imagine how Bathory would have sounded if Quorthon would have gone acoustic. And yes, the reason I mentioned Bathory is that Wolcensmen played a cover song of “Man of Iron”, from the album “Blood on Ice“.

Due to some technical issues, the last track of the show was performed completely acoustic, with no mike and other electronic devices. The voice and the acoustic guitar filled the small hall with power, passion and emotion. It was the perfect closure for Wolcensmen‘s performance, which made me realize how much I like to discover new music and talented artists.

After a short turnover, it was Erik Gärdefors‘s turn to sing his northern melancholy from the beautiful decorated small stage. I have wanted to see Grift live form the moment I discovered its music, so finally my wait was over.

After a beautiful acoustic album released last year, “Aftonklang“, I was really curious to see (and especially hear) Erik performing his music live. In a weird way it is hard for me to describe the feelings I get whenever I listen to tracks like “Dodens Dad“, “Svaltorna“, “Bortom Berget” or “Dararnas Massiv“. The feeling of rural melancholy reaches very high levels and puts me in a very weird emotional state I have some hard time to come out from.

This is exactly what happened last night during Grift‘s beautiful performance. Accompanied in the background by some homemade visuals of forests and rainy landscapes, Erik‘s guitar and voice created the perfect soundtrack for this journey I really long for.

Grift Live
Grift Live

With a very limited interaction with the audience, Erik focused solely on his music and that built a foggy, darkened atmosphere that enshrouded the place, just like the smell of incense did when it slowly burned along with the music.

Without realizing it, the beautiful “Dararnas Massiv” ended and so did Grift‘s performance. Seeing these two artists alone on stage, so different but still so similar, was an experience I will not forget too soon. Sometimes simplicity is the best way to express feelings and to create moods. Wolcensmen and Grift did exactly that and I thank them for their beautiful gifts I embraced last night.

The 2 bands are still on tour, so you’d better catch them live somewhere near you. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.








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