Beyond the Great Vast Forest – An interview with Transilvania – February 2020 AB

"Welcome to my house! Enter freely and of your own will." This is how Dracula welcomed his guest, Jonathan Harker, in his Transylvanian castle. I also bid you welcome to my zine. And as my guests, I invite you to read the below interview I did recently with Possessor from the Austrian black metal band... Continue Reading →

A talk with Strangers – An interview with Of Blood and Mercury – December 2019 AB

After a very interesting interview with a non metal band (Varsovie), it is time for another out of the box encounter, with the Belgian band Of Blood and Mercury. The two members, Michelle Nocon (vocals/guitar) and Olivier Lomer (guitar/effects) are not new to the metal scene as both have (or still are) playing in several... Continue Reading →

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