Premiere: A.H.P – “Forakt, Hat og Død” EP full streaming – Avantgarde Music – May 2018 AB

After the release of their first full length album Against Human Plague in 2016, time has come for the Norwegian black metal band A.H.P. to release a new material, the 2 song EP "Forakt, Hat og Død". “Forakt Hat og Død” will be released by Avantgarde Music on June 18th, on a limited edition vinyl... Continue Reading →

Formorket album release and last concert ever.

10 years after the release of their full length, "Into the Frozen Shadows", the Hungarian black metal band Formorket is back from its dead silent slumber, this time with 2 huge announcements: The release of their sophomore, self titled album and their participation to the Inner Awakening Festival which will take place on the 18th... Continue Reading →

Sektarism unveils two new tracks from the upcoming album, “La Mort De L’Infidèle”.

The French mysterious doom metal outfit Sektarism have unveiled two tracks from their second upcoming album, "La Mort De L'Infidèle", which will be released on the 19th of May AB by Necrocosm Prod'/ Zanjeer Zani Productions. These two pieces of abrasive doom are available on the label's YouTube page: "Brûle L'Hérétique" : "Conscience, Révolte,... Continue Reading →

Svoid have released “Bloodline” video – January 2017 AB

Our friends from Svoid have released a very nice video for the track "Bloodline", featured on their amazing "Storming Voices Of Inner Devotion", released last year via Sun and Moon Records. From the mist they came, shaping the formless. This is the result, a shady trip into nothingness.


Finally it's here. The psychedelic Dutch duo Urfaust will release in July a 12" Single called "Voodoo Dust". The vinyl will contain 2 songs, on side A a cover of the classic The Devil's Blood song performed in the Urfaust way and,on side B,"Kalabhairava", an ambient track that will feature Farida Lemouchi on vocals. As... Continue Reading →

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