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Premiere: A.H.P – “Forakt, Hat og Død” EP full streaming – Avantgarde Music – May 2018 AB

After the release of their first full length album Against Human Plague in 2016, time has come for the Norwegian black metal band A.H.P. to release a new material, the 2 song EP “Forakt, Hat og Død“.

Forakt Hat og Død” will be released by Avantgarde Music on June 18th, on a limited edition vinyl only (250 copies).

Until then, you can listen to it here and preorder the EP on the label’s Bandcamp page:

The material was recorded at Paranoic Abyss Studio in Norway and Monroe Sound Studio in Poland. It was mixed and mastered at Monroe Sound Studio.

The two tracks contained on this EP are:

Among the Dead – Music by Gulnar, Lyrics by Helvethet
Tomhet – Music by Varg Vikernes

Coverart / Logo were done by Raf the Might ( Too Many Skulls )

Line up on this recording:

Gulnar – All Instruments
Armagog – Vocal, Bass
Aro – Guitars, Effects


Formorket album release and last concert ever.

10 years after the release of their full length, “Into the Frozen Shadows“, the Hungarian black metal band Formorket is back from its dead silent slumber, this time with 2 huge announcements:
The release of their sophomore, self titled album and their participation to the Inner Awakening Festival which will take place on the 18th and 19th of August in Budapest. (

Besides the fact that their set list will include both some of the new songs, as well as some tracks from their previous works, this appearance will also mean the death of the band as we know it, because after 14 years of walking on this cursed path, the 2 main members, S and Ga’eheln have decided to put Formorket to sleep. For good.

So no gimmicks, no changing of minds for the sake of old times, this is indeed the last time you’ll have the chance to see Formorket at work, on stage. And what a better opportunity than to be a part of this very interesting black metal festival, which has already reached its 9th edition.

The “Formorket” album will come out in 2 extremely limited versions, on tape and cd, that is. There will be no repress of this material, so be ready to grab your copy as soon as possible.

For further details, you can access this page:

As a preview, until the physical versions will be released, you can check out the album on YouTube here.

Sincarnate has released a lyric video for Curriculum Mortis

As an avant-premiere of the soon to be released album In Nomine Homini, Sincarnate has published yesterday on YouTube a lyric video for the single Curriculum Mortis. The video was created by Dawning Media TV and can be viewed by accessing the link below:

The album In Nomine Homini will come out in a digipak format next Satruday on the 1st of April. To celebrate this release, the band will play a special show in Fabrica, together with Cardinal (RO), Dead Void (UK) and Root (CZ).

Sektarism unveils two new tracks from the upcoming album, “La Mort De L’Infidèle”.

The French mysterious doom metal outfit Sektarism have unveiled two tracks from their second upcoming album, “La Mort De L’Infidèle“, which will be released on the 19th of May AB by Necrocosm Prod’/ Zanjeer Zani Productions.

Sektarism La Mort De L’Infidèle

These two pieces of abrasive doom are available on the label’s YouTube page:

Brûle L’Hérétique” :

Conscience, Révolte, Perte du Moi” :

To find more about the band, use one of the links below:


Death is Art.

Sincarnate reveals cover and track list for new album “In Nomine Homini”.

Bucharest based death metal band Sincarnate have revealed yesterday the cover, the track list and the release date for their second full length album titled “In Nomine Homini“.

The official statement of the band is:

Sincarnate In Nomine Homini album cover

“The new album will be launched on the 1st of April, within the concert organized by the Official Romanian Thrash Metal Club in Fabrica, where Sincarnate will share the stage with Root, Dead Void and Cardinal.

The cover artwork is signed by the artist Flaviu Moldovan (Flaviu Moldovan Drawing) and the photos used for the album and promotion have been taken at the Shelter Club in Cluj by Marmo (MarmotA Photography).

In Nomine Homini” will be published as a 6-fold digipack, with a 16 pages booklet but also as second limited edition with two bonus tracks, an extended booklet and a different album cover.

The songs on the album are the following:
1. Attende Domine
2. Agrat bat Mahlat
3. Curriculum Mortis
4. She-Of-The-Left-Hand (Sophia Pistis)
5. In Nomine Homini
6. The Grand Inquisitor
7. Lamentatio Christi
8. Dies Illa
9. L̄iwyᾱṯᾱn

Bonus tracks:

10. De Luctum Perpetuum*
11. Atonement*

Further news about the first single taken from Sincarnate – “In Nomine Homini”, the launching concert, available merchandise and distribution will be soon made public.”

Svoid have released “Bloodline” video – January 2017 AB

Our friends from Svoid have released a very nice video for the track “Bloodline“, featured on their amazing “Storming Voices Of Inner Devotion“, released last year via Sun and Moon Records.

From the mist they came, shaping the formless. This is the result, a shady trip into nothingness.

Grá – A Coin for Charon European tour 2016 AB

Gra Concert Bucharest

The Swedish black metal outfit Grá will start their European “A Coin for Charon Tour” tomorrow in Budapest, Hungary. The band is supporting their latest album, Ending, which has been released last year.

On Wednesday, September 14th, Grá will perform in Bucharest in Quantic Club. Support band will be Romania’s Akral Nekrosis.

Since this will be a very good opportunity to witness live Grá‘s music (who knows when the band will visit us again) I strongly advise you to be there. For 20 lei in advance and 25 at the venue,you’ll get to see 2 really interesting black metal bands.

Also, before the concert, Grá will be present at the merchandise stand so for those who want to meet them or have their CDs signed, this is the perfect chance.

This concert is a very promising black metal event, presented by Live Nation Promotions. More info regarding the schedule and tickets can be found here:

Be there or be…well, dead.