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Back From the Past II: Cargo – Povestiri din Gara – Electrecord 1992

I first heard (and bought) “Povestiri din Gara” a long time ago. This album was released in 1992 by the now defunct Romanian record company Electrecord, responsible for the releases (on vinyl, mostly) of all the Romanian artists before and after the events from December 1989.

Cargo is a band that was born somewhere in the middle of the 1980’s in Timisoara, one of the largest and iconic cities besides Bucharest. Until 1989, when Ovidiu Ioncu-Kempes joined Cargo, the band released only two demos, “Demo 1987” and “Demo 1989“. In 1990, right after the fall of the communist regime and the opening of the borders, Cargo went invited to France for a small mini tour. There they recorded, in a French studio, a 7″ single, “Ana/Doi Prieteni“, two songs that will be featured on their debut album I’m going to talk about here.

In 1992, Electrecord released their debut album, “Povestiri din Gara“, an album that is to this day a benchmark of Romanian hard rock/heavy metal music. Two versions of this album were released, a vinyl with a grey and white cover, limited to 1000 copies and a tape, with a cover made of the most horrible and worst kind of paper. Due to the huge success this album had, it was repressed on LP in 1993, this time with a yellow cover replacing the grey one.

Cargo Povestiri din Gara LP

The album features 9 songs, with one instrumental (Portile de Fier) and includes, among other tracks which will become quite famous during the Kempes-era, the 2 songs featured on the Demo 1989, Brigadierii and Buletin de Stiri, both with a strong political, anti-communist message.
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Blast From the Past – Episode 1: Mork Gryning and Vinterland

Over the years, many good bands have released fantastic albums everybody appreciated and many good bands have released albums that, even though were very good, became underrated and succumbed into oblivion.
Everybody knows that in the middle of the 90’s, black metal was sweeping across Scandinavia in particular and Europe in general like a black plague, hundreds and hundreds of bands coming out of nowhere and jumping into this extreme metal bandwagon, just because it was very, very popular. Because of these bands, other really good ones, formed by talented musicians who identified themselves with this music and ideology released some memorable albums which unfortunately were left on history’s shelf and the world forgot about them. I’m talking about Mörk Gryning, a two man band hailing from…Sweden, where else from, whose members released their debut album “Tusen år Har Gått” when they were 15 and 18 years old respectively.

Released on the now defunct No Fashion Records in 1995, “Tusen år Har Gått” (Thousand Years Have Passed) is very similar in approach to Dissection, Sacramentum, Dark Funeral, Vinterland, Lord Belial and other Swedish hordes that released their albums around the same period, on the same label and almost in the same style. But, that does not make Mörk Gryning a copy cat, on the contrary.

Mörk Gryning - Tusen år Har Gått
Mörk Gryning – Tusen år Har Gått

Recorded in the famous Unisound Studios (owned by the mighty Dan Swano, who also plays drums on the 1st track, as Day Disaraah), “Tusen år Har Gått” is a milestone in the career of this very young and talented band.

Lasting a bit over half an hour, the album begins with an instrumental track, “Dagon“, followed in full force by “Journey“. From the very first listen I loved the speed and aggression that were combined with a certain melancholic “melody” which made the whole content extremely enjoyable. The 2 young members ( Goth Gorgon – bass, guitars, keyboards and Draakh Kimera – drums, guitars and vocals) are very talented, playing their instruments with an unusual ease, not that characteristic to teenagers.

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