Horde – Hellig Usvart album review – September 2017 AB

Common knowledge implies that by definition, black metal must be anti christian, blasphemic, anti life, anti humanity etc. That's why, starting from the very beginning with Venom and Bathory, even if not serious at all, the lyrical approach, the visuals and the music were Satanic enough to scare the shit out of the humble church... Continue Reading →

Back From the Past II: Cargo – Povestiri din Gara – Electrecord 1992

I first heard (and bought) "Povestiri din Gara" a long time ago. This album was released in 1992 by the now defunct Romanian record company Electrecord, responsible for the releases (on vinyl, mostly) of all the Romanian artists before and after the events from December 1989. Cargo is a band that was born somewhere in... Continue Reading →

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