Necrophobic Exclusive Live Stream Report – 21st of March 2020 AB

The review you are about to read below is the most unusual I have ever written so far. It is not for an actual concert I attended in person, but for a performance I witnessed from home, in the sweet confinement of my apartment. The occasion was Necrophobic's live streamed performance from the Harry B... Continue Reading →

Evenfall Winter Tour 2020 – Grift / Wolcensmen – Budapest, March 2nd AB

As the name of this review already mentions it, the Evenfall Winter European Tour stopped in Budapest on March the 2nd. The 2 two bands touring together were Wolcensmen (UK) and Grift (Sweden), both artists presenting a solo acoustic performance. No opening acts, only 2 guys and their guitars. I have to admit that I... Continue Reading →

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