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Episode 41: Doom Over Bucharest II – 2nd Day video review – 26.XI.2016 AB

This is a video review of the second day of the festival Doom over Bucharest which took place Saturday night in Quantic Club.
The bands that performed were A dream Of Poe (Scotland), Withcsorrow (UK), Black Oath (Italy), Ataraxie (France) and Pantheist (UK).
The Ataraxie concert was so intense and depressing that after their amazing performance I could not have the desire to listen to anymore music so I skipped the Pantheist concert. Sorry guys, hope I will catch up with you someday.


Episode 40: Soundhouse Tapes – 2016 AB

Hi there! It’s time for another episode of the ScrollsofDarmoth goes on video, this round talking about tapes again. Yes, I know, I’m nostalgic and I show it. But I grew up with this format and I am fucking proud I still have some part of my collection (the other was lost or sold to buy alcohol) to talk about. Whenever I have the chance I buy tapes cause I think this format is immortal.

In this new episode I talked about 4 Romanian bands that I really like and which made a little bit of history in the poor Romanian underground almost 20 years ago (3 of them are dead, the other one is still active but its music is totally boring to my ears) and some other very good bands that have released recently some debut demos.

Enjoy the video and see you next time!!



Episode 34 – SVOID

Last night I released my first episode in English. I have wanted for a long time to make the series in English, but I was not sure if could handle the job, so to speak. Apparently, conquering my emotions, I managed to pull it through. The result is below, hope you’ll like it.

As a follow up to the interview with Svoid, in this short clip I talked about the band and its releases.

I am a huge fan of their work and I wanted to show my appreciation for what this young band has created so far. Check their latest album, it’s already a classic, but don’t forget to listen to their previous work, To Never Return and Devil’s Blood.

If you like Watain, Dissection or any band that dwells in this magick universe of the left hand path, you’ll be amazed how these 3 guys have chosen to revere their black gods. SVOID is the solid proof of that.

This is not just black metal. It’s far more than that, but you have to open your heart and mind.

Break the Broken!!!