Svoid Video Interview @ Robot Club, Budapest – 18.05.2019 AB

Recently I sat down S and D from Svoid, just before their leg of Under the Ashes mini tour which took place in Budapest's Robot Club. 3 years have passed since our last encounter, so now we caught up with what went on with the band during this period. Hope you will enjoy this... Continue Reading →

Episode 41: Doom Over Bucharest II – 2nd Day video review – 26.XI.2016 AB

This is a video review of the second day of the festival Doom over Bucharest which took place Saturday night in Quantic Club. The bands that performed were A dream Of Poe (Scotland), Withcsorrow (UK), Black Oath (Italy), Ataraxie (France) and Pantheist (UK). The Ataraxie concert was so intense and depressing that after their amazing... Continue Reading →

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