March of Blood and Iron Tour: Marduk live in Budapest – May 2018 AB

The third leg of the March of Blood and Iron Tour 2018 stopped in Budapest Friday,the 4th of May. Having already seen the 3 bands present on the bill before – Infernal War, Ragnarok and Marduk – I decided to go to the venue (Supersonic Blue Hell) out of curiosity and why not, for a pleasant way to spend Friday night.

Since the venue is 10 minutes from my place, I arrived there around 19.30, just in time to grab a drink and enjoy the opening act, the Poles from Infernal War. As you may know by now, their Polish date in Rzeszów was cancelled due to some assholes sabotaging the venue, in a desperate way to stop the so called “neo-nazi/satanic panic”. I won’t go into further details here, but I cannot and will not agree, never in a thousand years, with such a mindless behavior.
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Spite – Antimoshiach cd review – April 2018 AB

I made my first audio contact with Spite after I listened to the promo I got for the release of their first full length, “Antimoshiach“, which came out a couple of months ago on the Irish label Invictus Productions.

I am usually quite reluctant when it comes to black metal made in USA (I hate the term USBM to the core), maybe out of prejudice, but there are some bands which I really like a lot.

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Tormentor – The Return – Anno Domini XXX – Live in Budapest, 21st of April 2018 AB

Tormentor Stage Props

During the 80’s, the extreme music scene was not so popular in the Central/Eastern part of Europe, compared to what happened in the democratic West. But somewhere around 1985 a young band named Tormentor popped its ugly little head from the Hungarian underground and without knowing it, they became in a couple of years a very big influence for a big part of the second wave of black metal bands, a trait which is still recognized to this very day.

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Sleeping with the Devil’s Son – An Interview with DOOL – March 2018 AB

Exactly one week ago, I managed to see DOOL love in Budapest. Their performance that night was extremely powerful and it definitely exceeded all my expectations. Like all things great, this interview was not planned, but came into being after that show, when I managed to talk a couple of minutes with a tired but happy Ryanne Van Dorst. Below is the result and I couldn’t be more happy with what came out. Thank you, Ryanne, for your words and support. Enjoy!!

Dool logo

1. Dool was formed in 2015. What was your first thought when putting this band together? What were your expectations at that moment, if you had any?

Most of us had been already playing together in different projects, and we felt that it was time for something totally new, under a new name, with fresh energies. My songwriting in this time had changed drastically, from being angry and extrovert to a somewhat more honest and open sound, and lyrically reflecting inward instead of outward. We took those songs into the rehearsal room without any concept of how we would like to sound, and just started jamming on the riffs and melodies until gradually we found each other in the frequency that had then become DOOL.

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Dool – Live in Budapest – Elate | Elevate tour AB 2018

Last year, when Dool‘s debut album came out, I was pretty excited of this new discovery. I listened to “Here Now, There Then” quite obsessively, being blown away by the music and the atmosphere contained in those 10 tracks and since then, I always wanted to see the band live someday. Life arranged it that after almost one year that “someday” became true last night, on the 12th of March, when Dool stopped in Budapest for their Hungarian leg of the Elate|Elevate European tour. The concert took place on the beautiful A38 ship and the Austrians from Harakiri For The Sky were chosen to open the night.

Dool-live in Budapest

I arrived at the venue quite early, just after the gates opened and for some brief moments the quietness of the empty concert hall embraced me in its full. The merchandise stands were already prepared to welcome their customers with lots of cool things, from limited edition vinyls, metal boxes and art books to T shirts, long sleeves, patches and tote bags.

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A Thousand Burning Worlds – An interview with Malakhim – March 2018 AB

From Sweden comes a new band, called Malakhim, Satan’s messenger. In 2017 they released Demo I, a fantastic demo tape containing 3 songs of wicked black metal (review can be found here), so I was curious to find out more about what’s behind this band. E (vocals) was kind enough to answer my questions. Enjoy!

I. Originally, in the Hebrew Bible, a Mal’akh was an angel, a messenger of God. Whose messengers are you and what is your aim? What do you want to express with your music and lyrics, now when so much has been already said and done?

Correct, and in our case the interpretation should be a bit more ambiguous. Whom do we speak of? Satan. Simply put. Malakhim is an expression of urges and ideas that somehow isn’t always easy to explain. Suffice to say that its our creative outlet, and we pour whatever impulses and ideas we get in the creative process into the vessel that makes up the band.
You’re right, a lot has already been said and done, and we’re not going out there with some fresh new mission or pretending to bring something unique. We’ve decided to create our art because we wanted to create our art.

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Malakhim – Demo I review March 2018 AB

Malakhim logo

One of the best debut demo tapes released last year comes from Sweden, of course. Umea to be exact, the birth place of Malakhim, the new band in town when it comes to black metal.

Released first in October 2017 on the band’s Bandcamp page, Demo I gained immediately a “cult” status in the black metal underground, so when the tape version was officially announced one month later, it got sold out in several hours. For me that was a huge surprise, but considering how the three tracks sounded, the reaction was completely justified. When 100 copies go away in less than a day, there must be something “wrong” with your music, right? It must be that good!
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