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Premiere: A.H.P – “Forakt, Hat og Død” EP full streaming – Avantgarde Music – May 2018 AB

After the release of their first full length album Against Human Plague in 2016, time has come for the Norwegian black metal band A.H.P. to release a new material, the 2 song EP “Forakt, Hat og Død“.

Forakt Hat og Død” will be released by Avantgarde Music on June 18th, on a limited edition vinyl only (250 copies).

Until then, you can listen to it here and preorder the EP on the label’s Bandcamp page:

The material was recorded at Paranoic Abyss Studio in Norway and Monroe Sound Studio in Poland. It was mixed and mastered at Monroe Sound Studio.

The two tracks contained on this EP are:

Among the Dead – Music by Gulnar, Lyrics by Helvethet
Tomhet – Music by Varg Vikernes

Coverart / Logo were done by Raf the Might ( Too Many Skulls )

Line up on this recording:

Gulnar – All Instruments
Armagog – Vocal, Bass
Aro – Guitars, Effects


Recitations – The First of the Listeners Demo Review – 2016 AB

Suffocating. This is the first impression after listening to this demo, released on tape earlier this year by the Canadian Ekhidna Records. Everything on this demo is made to choke you, from the atmosphere, to the instruments and music. Not to speak of the cover, which is amazingly scarry, but does not disclose what happens after you push the play button.

Recitations comes from Norway (Trondheim, to be more exact) and the identities of its members have not yet been revealed, but to be honest I don’t even care who they are. Whoever is responsible for this astonishing material has all my respect and admiration, they have done an impressive work.

Recitations - The First of the Listeners Demo Tape

Lasting for 29 minutes, “The First of the Listeners” is a weird blend of ritualistic black/death metal and fanatical mysticism. What attracted me to this release in the first place was the atmosphere which emanated from the 4 songs. It’s like somebody lit a fire using only wet wood, so the thick smoke that comes out is choking you to death with some invisible hands, as you try to desperately grasp for air.
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