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Video Interview with Abysmal Grief, courtesy of Headcrusher Underground Music Magazine – Budapest 2018 AB

On the 5th of May Abysmal Grief played a show in Budapest’s Durer Pince (a very dark, small and obscure room part of the more famous Durer Kert concert hall), supporting their new album, Blasphema Secta which came out earlier this year.

I had the pleasure to participate in this interview with Regen Graves arranged by the crazy guys (Attila and Sebestyen) from HeadCrusher Magazine, a Hungarian webzine dedicated to metal in all its extreme forms. It was a very interesting experience which took place in the dark hallways of Durer Pince, a location unfortunately no longer “alive” after that event.

Watch below the full episode 13 of Headcrusher’s Underground Music Magazine and enjoy the high quality topics.

Special thanks to Attila and Sebestyen for their friendship and to Regen Graves for his availability.



Abysmal Grief – Chapter I Tour – Live in Budapest – May 2018 AB

In January the Italian horror doom metal masters Abysmal Grief have released their 5th full length album Blasphema Secta via Terror From Hell/Sun and Moon Records and now, 4 months later, they have embarked on an Eastern European tour to support this beautiful release.
The tour was supposed to start in Germany on the 4th of May, but the show in Loberschutz (Germany) was cancelled at the last minute so the date in Budapest became the first one of the Chapter I tour.

The support band for this tour was Antiversum, a Swiss black/death metal band, which was supporting their first full length Cosmic Comedenti, released last year through the Irish label Invictus Productions.
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