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Pagan Megalith – Viharjárás – Neverheard Distro 2016 AB

As I already mentioned it in the previous Pagan Megalith review, before recording the second album in 2010, the band decided to sleep the sleep of death for an unlimited period of time. In 2016 they awakened from their silent slumber and their long awaited album “Viharjárás” (Stormburst) was finally released. In February 2017 Neverheard Distro released it on tape as well. What better way to listen to this opus than on tape?

Pagan Megalith Logo

Recorded in the same successful formula than “Ólomharangok” (Leadenbells), (AE and Tuhlv), this sophomore album sees Pagan Megalith taking their music a step further on the evolution scale. Gone is the Gorgoroth vibe which dominated the previous album, instead their compositions are imbued with a more personal and sorrowful feeling.

Pagan Megalith – Viharjárás cover

The speed has maybe decreased a bit, replacing the previous groovy attitude with more elaborate compositions full of hate and disgust but overall, the whole dominant feeling is one of nihilism and hate. Again, don’t expect an album full of ballads and odes to love. No, no, no. There’s plenty of blast bea(s)ts on this album, but the drumming has shifted towards a certain nostalgia instead of a simple aggressive style.
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Pagan Megalith – Ólomharangok album review – Neverheard Distro 2010

Pagan Megalith Logo

Pagan Megalith is a not a new band, but if we think that in 13 years of activity (with 6 years of hiatus) they have released only 2 albums, we might consider them a young band. But what makes this group really special are the skills and the musicianship of its members. On one hand we have Ga’eheln, (best known for his involvement in multiple Hungarian bands, like Svoid etc) on guitars and vocals, and on the other there’s AE on drums. The union of these 2 fine musicians has resulted in “Ólomharangok“, their debut album, which was spawned between 2008-2009 and released on tape 1 year later. The same year, just before recording their second full length, the band decided to put an end to its short existence and withdrew into the dark which it came from.

Pagan Megalith – Ólomharangok album cover

What we deal here with is pure Gorgoroth worship but done in the best way possible. Not only this album is not a mere copycat or a tribute band, but Pagan Megalith has put its own soul into this music, adding some really interesting passages like acoustic intros or slow, atmospheric parts. But don’t get me wrong, there are no lullabies on this album so expect plenty of double bass drums, insane blast beats and great cold, icy guitar riffs (just listen to the track “Sziklavér“) and you’ll feel like having taken a ride back to 1993.
The energy which emanates from these tracks is contagious and you just want to headbang like a maniac while the music is infecting your ears. It’s a very addictive listen and I strongly recommend it to those who are still very nostalgic about those great times when black metal was really evil, simple and to the point.

Pagan Megalith band photo

The production is flawless allowing the songs to flow in a very organic way, from start to finish. Pagan Megalith have created with “Ólomharangok” a magnificent tribute album to the golden, romantic period of black metal but they have given it a personal and quite modern touch.

The drums are excellent, imposing the rhythm all along the album, shifting from a black’n roll, groovy sound to raw black metal. Ga’eheln‘s voice is perfect for this album, his raw, scrappy vocals perfectly connecting the dots.

Overall this album is a must for every nostalgic of the great 1990’s times and a very good quintessence of the first 3 Gorgoroth albums, but with a personal feeling.
The lyrics are in Hungarian but that’s not a problem since this melodic language can be quite interesting when it comes to black metal.

The digital limited edition which can be found here features a Behemoth cover from the band’s “And the Forests Dream Eternally” EP. This groovy, Bathory inspired track is the perfect way to conclude an album which pays so much respect to the glorious dark past.

AaaaaRrrrrrggggghhhh!!! Pure Evil and Hate!!!!!

Pagan Megalith – “Ólomharangok” track list:

1. Őszi áradatba pusztul
2. Révület jövel
3. Torzult Nap
4. Ólomharangok
5. Sziklavér
6. Az idő vasfoga
7. Hamvadás
8. A gyilokjáróból
9. Nincs út közöttünk
10. Alkonyatba tűnök
11. Pure Evil and Hate (Behemoth cover – Bonus track available only on the deluxe digital version).

Interview with Morbid Carnage – July 2016 AB

Thrash metal erupted in the States in the early 80’s and later it swept across the world in a fucking frenzy. Many bands appeared during that time, especially in San Francisco’s Bay Area, but then, in the mid 80’s this new music genre crossed the ocean and infected the European soil.
It found a home in northern Europe, and bands started to pop up like mushrooms, taking the style one step further than its American relatives. Bands like Bathory, Hellhammer (later Celtic Frost), Tormentor (later Kreator), Sodom, Iron Angel, Destruction, Deathrow to name just a few, came out from nowhere and shaped a genre that is still revered and copied by so many groups even today (with good or less good results).
Hungary’s Morbid Carnage is one of these bands that is strongly influenced by the Teutonic thrash metal but which managed to avoid becoming another copycat band. Its roots are in the past, but their music is fresh and catchy.
ScrollsofDarmoth had the pleasure to interview Necrofaust (bass guitar) and below you can find more details about this awesome band and what drives them in life.

(Ed note: The interview was done beginning of June. In the meantime Hungary managed to win its group but it was defeated by Belgium in the round of 16).


morbid carnage logo

1. Who are you? The Night Assassins of the Werewolf Legion? Please tell me more about Morbid Carnage and its members. Why that name?

Necrofaust: Hi! First of all, thanx for your interest and for the request! Mörbid Carnage found by four metal maniacs in 2007, in Szeged. My bandmates originate from Szeged and I’m from Budapest. They made some cool thrash metal riffs during a practice and they ask me would I like to join them. Almost 10 years have passed since then…

2. Thrash metal – love it or hate it. What made you fall in love with this type of music, especially in 2007? Is it nostalgia or you just passion for something that swept the world in the 80’s like the great black plague?

Necrofaust: Yes, you very well formulated, that was our passion with a little nostalgic feeling. We wouldn’t find new things, just playing the kind of music that we grew up. All bandmates likes thrash metal, and then it was no longer quite such bands in Hungary. So we just turned up the volume, we tried a lot, we wrote riffs of which were later songs, and we recorded a demo and debut album. We want to feel the mood of ’80’s and drink some bottles of beer, haha!

3. What I like most about your band is that you choose not to mix styles, like so many modern bands did, even if some of the members in Morbid Carnage play in various black metal bands too (Faghyamu, Ahriman, Tyrant Goatgaldrakona). Instead you play a straight in your face German inspired thrash metal,, like it was done back in the old days. How did you come up with that choice and sound?

Necrofaust: We don’t like mixing various styles, if we write some black/death metal riffs we don’t like to put in a Mörbid Carnage song. It’s Thrash Metal, there is no need black or death metal riffs to our music. That is why we play different style bands is to avoid having to mix different styles. We like to all kind of metal, like Death, Black, Heavy, Thrash, Stoner, etc. If we want to write Heavy Metal riffs, we just founding a Heavy Metal band, you know. You must check out these bands of us: Coffinborn, Gravecrusher and Necrosodomy.
The sound of Mörbid Carnage is really raw and energetic. I think on Night Assassin and on The Merciless Conquest the sound was too modern, but I really like these materials, these contains really great songs with many amazing riffs.
If you’ll check the new for soung Ep, you will feel some changes about our sound, even more back to the 80’s roughly to Show No Mercy style. You can check it on our Bandcamp site…

4. What is the secret ingredient to “cook” a Morbid Carnage song? Do you have a special recipe when writing your music?

Necrofaust: We haven’t got any special recipe, we’re writing some riffs and we try to make a new song during the practice in the rehearsal room. Not long ago, we started to practice the new songs for our third album, we want to record a brand new album in this year. It does not work the band complicated, as you can see. If everyone does his job, then there is no problem.
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