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A Thousand Burning Worlds – An interview with Malakhim – March 2018 AB

From Sweden comes a new band, called Malakhim, Satan’s messenger. In 2017 they released Demo I, a fantastic demo tape containing 3 songs of wicked black metal (review can be found here), so I was curious to find out more about what’s behind this band. E (vocals) was kind enough to answer my questions. Enjoy!

I. Originally, in the Hebrew Bible, a Mal’akh was an angel, a messenger of God. Whose messengers are you and what is your aim? What do you want to express with your music and lyrics, now when so much has been already said and done?

Correct, and in our case the interpretation should be a bit more ambiguous. Whom do we speak of? Satan. Simply put. Malakhim is an expression of urges and ideas that somehow isn’t always easy to explain. Suffice to say that its our creative outlet, and we pour whatever impulses and ideas we get in the creative process into the vessel that makes up the band.
You’re right, a lot has already been said and done, and we’re not going out there with some fresh new mission or pretending to bring something unique. We’ve decided to create our art because we wanted to create our art.

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Malakhim – Demo I review March 2018 AB

Malakhim logo

One of the best debut demo tapes released last year comes from Sweden, of course. Umea to be exact, the birth place of Malakhim, the new band in town when it comes to black metal.

Released first in October 2017 on the band’s Bandcamp page, Demo I gained immediately a “cult” status in the black metal underground, so when the tape version was officially announced one month later, it got sold out in several hours. For me that was a huge surprise, but considering how the three tracks sounded, the reaction was completely justified. When 100 copies go away in less than a day, there must be something “wrong” with your music, right? It must be that good!
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Hailing from Norway, Goatkraft delivers a completely different style of metal of death, not choosing to be a part of the so called traditional True Norwegian Black Metal cliché. Rather than walking the already wandered paths, they chose to honor Satan by taking even farther the primitive torch of barbaric and hateful black metal, just like other bands did 20+ years ago.

First of all, let it be made clear that the “Angel Slaughter” EP I’m writing about here is not for anyone: not for those who walk through the forests of melancholy in search of the perfect spot to practice another cheesy occult ritual under the blood red full moon and definitely not for those who want melody and catchy tunes. No, the debut EP from this brand new Norwegian band (they were formed in 2017) is a fucking fist in the face of those “true occultists and black magicians” which have infected the whole scene in the recent years.


Episode 40: Soundhouse Tapes – 2016 AB

Hi there! It’s time for another episode of the ScrollsofDarmoth goes on video, this round talking about tapes again. Yes, I know, I’m nostalgic and I show it. But I grew up with this format and I am fucking proud I still have some part of my collection (the other was lost or sold to buy alcohol) to talk about. Whenever I have the chance I buy tapes cause I think this format is immortal.

In this new episode I talked about 4 Romanian bands that I really like and which made a little bit of history in the poor Romanian underground almost 20 years ago (3 of them are dead, the other one is still active but its music is totally boring to my ears) and some other very good bands that have released recently some debut demos.

Enjoy the video and see you next time!!



Venefixion Interview – Only Death is Real – November 2016 AB

Venefixion is a new band but what they play is old metal of death. France has always been a fertile ground for death metal, bands like Mercyless, Loudblast and Massacra, to name a few, have made their name in the underground many moons ago. But things have changed over the years and a new wave of death metal bands has risen from the putrid French underground and bands like Hate Supremacy, Malekhamoves, Cadaveric Fumes, Demonic Oath, Necrowretch, Venefixion are spreading their toxic waves of rotten metal over the world.

After the release of Venefixion‘s debut demo, Defixio (review can be read here), I really wanted to find more about this band and their music so here’s a very detailed and interesting interview I had with F. Goathroat (vocals).


First of all, congratulations for releasing “Defixio”, such a powerful demo tape. Second of all, thank you very much for accepting this interview for ScrollsofDarmoth. Let’s roll.

Thank you for giving some credit and interest to VENEFIXION. Also thanks for the kind words about our demo tape that got released last year (already one year it got released as I answer your interview).

I. Venefixion is a very young band even though all of you are no newcomers to this scene. You play in bands like Demonic Oath, Cadaveric Fumes, Necrowretch, Ritual Temple etc. How did that help Venefixion integrate in the French scene? Did the French press (magazines, fanzines etc) pay a particular attention to the band, especially after releasing this short but outstanding demo tape?

This question is interesting; we actually did not get much interest showed up or anything from any « french press » except one -for free- fanzine that got really enthusiastic. The rest is just void. The scene actually supports us, I mean people involved in French bands famous or not did, the audience is quite shy we will say (at the moment as our first show did not take place yet), a few webzines have contributed to spread it nonetheless and our first interview was with a French webzine though. A couple webzines, a couple fanzines from our country and friends from bands supporting us. Other than that, we got reviews in many different countries, interviews in small, big fanzines and then starts the big magazines. France as a whole was not really supportive. Even if we all have other bands, we have to make our proofs with VENEFIXION and this is more than normal to me. To end your question, we got an OK interest from medias in general but nothing huge (this actually tends to slightly change) and if we were Swedish or German, let me tell you it would be kind of different for us regarding the impact we could have, but so it is and for us the path will be a little harder it seems…

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Venefixion – Defixio demo tape 2015 – Iron Bonehead Productions

Venefixion logo

France has been in the past years a fertile breeding ground for many good extreme metal bands. Sektarism, Malkhebre, Aosoth, Malekhamoves, Demonic Oath, Witchthroat Serpent, to name a few, have spawned from the catacombs and delivered some really good materials which attracted their share of supporters.

One of these hidden gems is Venefixion, a relatively young band whose members do the devil’s job in bands like Demonic Oath, Cadaveric Fumes, Ritual Temple, Necrowretch etc.

Formed by K. Desecrator and F. Goathroat in 2013 with the intention to revive the old gods of death metal, they were later joined by W. Cadaver on guitars and, in October 2015 the band released through the mighty German label Iron Bonehead Productions their debut material, a 4 track mini monster called “Defixio“.

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