Passio Christi Part I and II review – November 2019 AB

Friday the 29th of November is the date when 2 two very interesting split releases will be unleashed via 2 different labels. Passio Christi Part I and Part II will see the light of day via Invictus Productions and Iron Bonehead respectively. Passio Christi / Beyond the Witch's Spell contains a split between Belgium's fierce... Continue Reading →

Hagzissa – They Ride Along on the Howling Winds album review – Iron Bonehead Productions – 23.08.2019 AB

"In the far dark corners of every human’s soul there lurks a black crouching spectre. The ghost-like shadow that waits. A shrouded thing that pulsates with malignant evil. The name of that ghost, is…Hagzissa". But who is this Hagzissa, you might ask, and why am I talking about this band? Well, to begin with, they... Continue Reading →

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